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Vaughan, William (1703-1746):
Vaughan was one of the colonial commanders in the siege of Louisbourg, 1745. He was a red headed man of the frontier who gave courage, often to himself, from a silver flask, ever present on his person. (More)
Vauquelin, Jean (1728-1772):
Vauquelin was a French naval captain who was present during the siege of Louisbourg, 1758. (More)
Vergor, Louis du Port Chambon, Sieur de ... (1713-1775):
The French commander in charge of Fort Beauséjour at the time of its fall to the English in 1755. (More)
Verrier, Étienne (1683-1747):
The builder of Louisbourg, its chief resident Engineer. (More)
Verville, Jean-François de (1680+-1729):
The original architect of Fortress Louisbourg and its townsite, which, together with Montreal and Quebec, are foremost among the historical sites of the French regime. (More)
Vetch, Samuel (1668-1732):
Vetch was an early 18th c. English governor at Annapolis Royal. (More)
Villiers, Nicholas Antoine Coulon De ... (1708-1750):
This is the French officer who was in charge of a French force which attacked Grand Pré during February 1747. The force consisted of 300 Canadians and Indians; it had made a grueling winter's march overland from the Isthmus of Chignecto to catch the English napping. The New Englanders were under the command of Arthur Noble. Villiers was seriously wounded with the first volley, such that he had to be carried behind the lines and effectively gave up his command to la Corne. Though Villiers survived, he never was able to resume his duties again as a military man. His left arm was so badly shattered that it continued to give him difficulty. He went to France for treatment and then returned to Trois-Rivières, however, ultimately, he was, in 1750, to die on account of the injuries he sustained at Grand Pré.

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