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Who is Blupete

Peter' Picture Blupete is Peter Landry. I have received degrees from two universities located at Halifax, Nova Scotia: St. Marys University (commerce) and from Dalhousie University (law). Though now retired, I have carried on a general practice of law for forty-five years at Halifax.

I have given lectures at schools and have run courses at the university (for bankers, management people and real estate agents). I have been active in furthering my legal career and the image of lawyers in my native province, including: being the president of the local bar (not of the liquor dispensing variety); a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society; and a member of the Canadian Bar Association. I have been on the governing council of the Barristers Society and have served on a number of its committees. So too, in the past, I have been involved in the training of young lawyers within my firm and as a leader in the Bar Admission Course. I have been active in the giving of public lectures and have participated in legal conferences throughout Canada. Additionally, I have been a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association.

Like most lawyers, I read and I write a lot. In addition to my professional interest in the law, I have developed interests in the areas of history, philosophy and economics.

I have three grown daughters and four grandchildren.

Margo, the love of my life, and I, are at our happiest when at our small summer cottage on the shores of Sherbrooke Lake, Lunenburg County.

My purpose in writing these pages is to express that which interests me in my life and to educate myself in the process.

Let me quote Somerset Maugham:

"If in the following pages I seem to express myself dogmatically, it is only because I find it very boring to qualify every phrase with an 'I think' or 'to my mind.' Everything I say is merely an opinion of my own. The reader can take it or leave it. If he has the patience to read what follows he will see that there is only one thing about which I am certain, and this is that there is very little about which one can be certain." (The Summing Up)
Blue Peter Flag A "Blue Peter" is a blue flag with a white square at the center of it. It is one of a number of those little maritime flags that one might see fluttering in the breeze, high in the masts of a sea going vessel. If worked in with other alphabetical flags, it stands for the letter 'P'. If, however, the "Blue Peter" is hoisted alone, it stands for something else. Under the International Code of Signals, in harbour, hoisted at the foremast head, the Blue Peter flag flying alone would mean that "All persons should report on board as the vessel is about to proceed to sea." At sea, it may be used by fishing vessels to mean, "My nets have come fast upon an obstruction."

My banner is the Blue Peter; you will spot it on a number of my pages; it is clickable and will bring you back to my home page. I felt I needed a logo and thought that the Blue Peter will do just fine. My name is Peter. If you care to follow me through my pages, you will proceed into a sea of law and history; and, more generally, literature, an avocation of mine for many years. Also, as you will soon detect as you read through certain of my writings, I am of the view that the state of society has come fast upon an obstruction, a collectivist obstruction, which the political dreamers amongst us have created.

With the arrival of the World Wide Web, I have found a way to relatively and inexpensively publish my papers, and, in such a form, that a casual browser should be able to bring himself, or herself, quickly to an area in which he, or she, may have some interest.

I am, literally speaking, surrounded by a great number of books at my home. You see, - I collect them; have done so, for years. Each personally picked out by me. While I do buy new books, most of the books that I want are simply out of print; and, so, I am obliged to haunt used-book stores.

My interest in the study of books, is one that has sprung from my continuing effort in my own personal development, a development with a quickening pace, particularly over the past 30 years. This personal development of mine, one that is intimately involved with my practice of law (and the attending activities of the reading of people and of books) is, in itself, an interesting story, - and, who knows, I someday may try to write about it. (See Memoirs, Or Shadows Of What Has Been)

In my pages, I will refer you to the great legal and philosophical writers of the ages, the classical ones; ones, by and large, that have long since been dead. Their writings, however, are still alive and their thoughts are as true today as they ever were. From my readings of these classic writers, I have formed my views. The subjects I treat in my pages, while proceeding from my vocation (law) and avocation (history), go beyond and into a number of areas; and, indeed, are as diverse as my interests in life have become: the scope of these pages is eclectic.


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