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Jean Vauquelin

According to one of my correspondents, Jean Vauquelin was the greatest naval hero for the French during The Seven Years War, and, in quoting Gustave Lanctot in A history of Canada, Vol. 3, 1713-1763, he says:

"For over 2 weeks Vauquelin commanding the Arethuse kept Wolfe pinned down and unable to advance his batteries in range of the Dauphin demi-bastion. 'Only Capt. Vaquelin of the frigate Arethuse seemed aware that the naval force had it's part to play, and constant fire from her 36 guns seriously impeded the enemy's progress till her guns were put out of action.' Vaquelin then proceeded to run the English blockade leaving Louisbourg on July 14th and making incredible time arrived in Spain on Aug. 2nd. He returned to Quebec in 1759 and had he been given some authority would have not allowed the English fleet the carte blanche the pompous Montcalm did. In the 1760 seige Vauquelin fought valiantly and nailed his colors to the mast rather than strike them.


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