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Keith, Alexander (1795-1873)
Keith came from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1817. He had learned the brewery and malting business from his uncle in the old country. He set up for the same business at Halifax, a business that exists yet today. (Under Construction.)
Kempt, Sir James (1764-1854)
Born at Edinburgh, Kempt joined the British army and attained the ranks of lieutenant (1784), captain (1794) and major (1803). He saw action in the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo. He was promoted lieutenant-colonel and served as quartermaster general of British North America through the years, 1807-11. He was appointed the Lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia in 1820 and then as administrator of the Government of Canada in 1828, a position he kept until 1830. Joe Howe wrote that Sir James Kempt was quite different than the man he replaced, Lord Dalhousie. Kempt expressed little interest in the development of agriculture but rather "had a passion for road making and pretty women." ("Notes on Several Governors and Their Influence"; NSHS; Vol #17 (1913), p. 197.)
Kent, Edward, Duke of (1767-1820)
Edward was the fourth son of George III. (He had a great crowd of brothers and sisters.) Except for a sojourn back to England during the winter of 1798/99, for health reasons, Edward resided at Halifax between May, 1796 and September, 1799. He was at Halifax to serve the King, his father; first, as the Commander of the garrison at Halifax; then (1799) as the Commander in Chief of British Forces in North America. One of the reasons he was called back to London was to father an heir, which he did, in 1817: Queen Victoria. (More)
Knowles, Charles (c.1704-77)
Appointed, in 1746, to take over from Warren (its captor) as the English governor of Louisbourg. (More)

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