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Abbot, Willis J.:
  • Blue Jackets of 1812; (New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1887). A history of the Naval Battles of the Second War with Great Britain, to which is Prefixed an account of the French War of 1798.

    Adams, Blaine:
  • The Construction and Occupation of the Barracks of the King's Bastion at Louisbourg; Ills.; As contained in Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History, No. 18, pp. 59-150; (Ottawa: 1978).

    Akins, Thomas Beamish (1809-1891): Akins was born in Liverpool, N.S. A lawyer, Akins studied with Murdoch, another Nova Scotian historian. Akins became the first Provincial Archivist in 1857 and was to fulfill that position until his death in 1891. During this period of time, as Fergusson points out (NSHQ#1:4.), while Akins was the Provincial Archivist "more than 500 volumes of manuscripts were sorted, classified, arranged, cataloged, and bound." [See a memoriam, Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society (NSHS) #9, p. 158; and see Akins' 237 page "History of Halifax City" (NSHS#8); for a short biographical sketch of Akins, see NSHS#21, p. 35; and see Fergusson's "T. B. Akins: A Centennial Commemoration," NSHS#31, p 97 (Portrait).]
  • Selections From The Public Documents (Halifax: Charles Annands, 1869). This group of documents, selected by Akins, are the ones that "possess the greatest historical value: -- the documents relating to the Acadian French inhabitants and their removal from Nova Scotia, -- to the encroachments of the French authorities of Canada on the territories of Nova Scotia, -- to the siege of Fort Beausejour in 1755, and the war on this continent, which terminated in the downfall of the French power in America, -- the papers connected with the settlement of Halifax in 1749, and the first British colonization of the province, -- and, lastly, the official correspondence preparatory to the establishment of a Representative Government, in the year 1758." (Preface.)
  • A Catalogue of The Akins Collection of Books and Pamphlets; Compiled by Sheila I. Stewart under the direction of D. C. Harvey (Halifax: Public Archives of Nova Scotia [hereinafter referred to as PANS], 1933). Dr. Akins was, for 34 years, the Commissioner of Public Records for Nova Scotia. He left his library to the province on the condition that it "not be merged with other collections but should be kept separate and distinct."
  • See, "History of Halifax City (237 pp.)" NSHS. (Vol #8: 1895).

    Allen, Paul:
  • A History of the American Revolution; (Baltimore: John Hopkins; 1819).

    Allen, Paul, R.N.:
  • Battles of the British Navy; (London: Bohn; 1853). Herein, one will find reference to the Seven Year's War, Boscawen, Rebellion in America, Privateers off Boston, Expedition to Machias, Expedition to Penobscot, Leopard & Chesapeake, War with the U.S. (1812), boarding American schooners, & Shannon & Chesapeake); and Steel Engravings of Drake, Raleigh, Nelson, Collingwood, H.M.S. Victory, Hardy, Brenton, Cockburn, & Codrington.

    Allison, David (1836-1924): President of the Nova Scotia Historical Society 1917-18.
  • History of Nova Scotia; (Halifax: Bowen, 1916, in 3 vols.) This is one of three major histories that have been written on Nova Scotia. The other were written by Murdoch and Haliburton. The first volume, with index, deals with the history of Acadia (1605-1755). The second brings us up to confederation. The third contains, "Biographical Sketches of representative Citizens and Genealogical records of Old Families [Few, if any, old Acadian names appear]. Allison had no part in the preparation of the 3rd volume, it was written by Clyde Edwin Tuck based on submissions from the families themselves.

    Almon, Albert:
  • Louisbourg: The Dream City of America; (Glace Bay: 1934). Very short story, but includes essays: "The Story of the Bells of Louisbourg," "The Famous Lighthouse at Louisbourg," "The Duc D'Anville" and "The Mission Chalice."

    Amherst, Lord Jeffery:
  • The Journal of Lord Jeffery Amherst; (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1931). Recording the Military Career of General Amherst in America from 1758 to 1763.
  • Jeffery Amherst: A Biography; by Lawrence Shaw Mayo; (Longmans, Green, 1916).
  • Lord Jeffery Amherst: A Soldier of the King; by J. C. Long; (New York: MacMillan, 1933).
  • Amherst and Canada; by Louis des Cognets (Princeton: Author, 1962).

    Amherst, William (1732-1781): Younger brother to Jeffrey Amherst (1717-97).
    - Journal of William Amherst in America, with intro by
    Clarence Webster; foldout map at back, showing Louisbourg with encampments and batteries; (London: Butler & Tanner, c.1927)

    Archibald, S. G. W. (1777-1846): Born in Truro, Archibald was educated at Andover and Harvard Universities. He was admitted to the bar of Nova Scotia in 1805. Archibald was a member of the legislative assembly from 1806 to 1845. For a period of time (1824-8) he was the Chief Justice for P.E.I. In 1830 Archibald was elected to the speaker's chair; and, for a time, was to be the solicitor-general for the province of Nova Scotia. From 1844, he was the master of the rolls and a judge of the Court of Admiralty.
  • Life of S. G. W. Archibald; by Israel Longsworth (Halifax: Huestis, 1881).

    Armour, Charles A. and Thomas Lackey:
  • Sailing Ships of The Maritimes (McGraw-Hill: 1975). § An illustrated coffee-table book on the history of shipping and shipbuilding in the Maritime Provinces of Canada: 1750-1925. In this work one will find some nice coloured plates of such vessels as: "The James" (1826), "Ship Harbour", "The Harriet Campbell" (1873, Weymouth), "The Plymouth" (1879, Hantsport), "The County of Yarmouth" (1884, Belleveau's Cove), and "The John W. Miller" (1918, Mahone Bay).

    Armstrong, Bruce:
  • Sable Island. § Forward by Thomas Raddall.

    Arsenault, Bona (1903-93): Mr. Arsenault was not of Nova Scotia, but he wrote of Acadian history. He was, in turn, both a member of parliament (1945-57) and also a member of the Quebec legislative assembly (1960-76). His original work, Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens, came out in 1965 and consisted of 6 volumes, all written, naturally enough for him, in French. The first volume, which I have, is a short history, the only volume which, to my knowledge, has been translated into English. It is said that some of the dates used by Arsenault were "often educated guesses" and that "it is often difficult to prove many of the lineages that he lists." Jehn has published a series of corrections to Arsenault's work.
  • History of the Acadiens (Fides, 1994).

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