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Fergusson, Chas. Bruce: § Fergusson, a Rhodes Scholar, was, from 1956 onwards, the provincial archivist. In addition, Fergusson was a Professor of History at Dalhousie University. For a period of time Fergusson served as the president of the Nova Scotia Historical Society and was the chairman of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada from 1960 to 1968. Fergusson has made a significant contribution to the written history of this province. A bibliography of the works of Fergusson was compiled by Karen Smith and published by the Nova Scotia Historical Society (NSHS), Vol.#40 (1980), p. 193.
  • The Negroes in Nova Scotia; (Halifax: PANS, publication No. 8, 1948). § "A Documentary Study of the Establishment of the negroes in Nova Scotia between the War of 1812 and the Winning of Responsible Government"; The genealogy of ...; 2 p. preface by D. C. Harvey; Preston Subdivision plan, 1816, folds out as an appendix.
  • Glimpses of Nova Scotia (Halifax: PANS, No. #12, 1957). § Being parts of diaries (1807-24) of John Liddell (merchant), James Foreman (merchant), Rev. John Wiswall, and James Boutineau Francklin (Clerk of the Assembly).
  • A Directory of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia: 1758-1958; Fergusson gives an 8 p. introduction (Halifax: PANS, 1958).
  • Uniacke's Sketches of Cape Breton and Other Papers Relating to Cape Breton Island; Descriptions of Sydney by Lieut. W. Booth (1745), Lieut Wm. Dyott (1788), T. C. Haliburton (1829), John McGregor (1840), Lieut. B. W. A. Sleigh (1846); and county reports (1861-62); (Halifax: PANS, 1958).
  • Letters and Papers of Hon. Enos Collins; (Halifax: PANS, No. #13, 1959).
  • Mechanics' Institutes in Nova Scotia; No. #14; (Halifax: PANS, 1960).
  • Local Government in Nova Scotia; No. #17; (Halifax: PANS, 1961).
  • Nova Scotian Institute of Science; a 36 p. pamphlet; (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin No. 18, 1963).
  • The Public Archives of Nova Scotia (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin No. 19, 1963). § In this small 27 p. pamphlet, will be found a description of the physical plant of PANS as it existed 1963; but, most importantly, contained therein, is a two page list of the publications of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia from 1937.
  • The Inauguration of the Free School System in Nova Scotia; Early education; (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin No. 21, 1964). § Have 2nd copy which I might sell -- write for details.
  • "The Old King is Back" (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin No. 23, 1972). § Amos 'King' Seaman and his Diary. Early education.
  • Inventory of Manuscripts; (Halifax: PANS, 1976).
  • Place-Names and Places of Nova Scotia; (Halifax: PANS, 1967). [Also see Gazetteer of Canada (Nova Scotia) and see Browns's work; and see Elizabeth Frame's work; and see Ganong's work on Gaspe, Blomidon, and Bras d'Or.]
  • Glimpses Into Nova Scotia; by Fergusson & Wm. Pope; (Windsor: Lancelot Press, 1974); 96 pp. § Popular history from early settlers to date; Numerous photographs.
  • See Perkins' Diary.
  • See Joseph Howe of Nova Scotia; by Fergusson.

    Fingard, Judith (1943- ): § Prof. of History, Dal. U.
  • Jack in Port (University of Toronto Press, 1988). § The seafaring life on the Canadian east coast during last half of 19th century.

    Finnan, Mark:
  • The First Nova Scotian (Formac Publishing, 1997, SC, 169 pp.). § A work on William Alexander and the doomed Scottish settlement of 1629 at Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

    Fletcher, R. A.:
  • In the Days of the Tall Ships (London: Brentano's, 1928). § East Indiamen, Atlantic Packets; navigation laws; opium & tea clippers; wool, wheat & emigrant ships; life on a sailing ship.

    Frame, Elizabeth:
  • List of Micmac Names of Places, Rivers, etc., in Nova Scotia. [Also see Gazetteer of Canada (Nova Scotia) and see Browns's work; and see Fergusson's work; and see Ganong's work on Gaspe, Blomidon, and Bras d'Or.] § This is a reprint (1970s?) of a small 12 pp. paper pamphlet (Cambridge: John Wilson University Press, 1892). Miss Frame is described of being from Shubenacadie, a place at which one of Nova Scotia's Indian reserves exists. The original work came about as a result of a request for the library of the Massachusetts Historical Society; it was presented at its meeting, June 9th, 1892.
  • Two of Frame's works have been scanned in by Descriptive sketches of Nova Scotia, in prose and verse, 1864 ( and A list of Micmac names of places, rivers, etc., in Nova Scotia , 1892 (

    Franklin, James Boutineau (1763-1841):
  • Journal of James Boutineau Francklin (1825-32) (Halifax: PANS, Bulletin No. #11, 1956). § This Francklin was the son of the Hon. Michael Francklin. In his diary Francklin wrote, in staccato fashion, among other things, about the ships that plied "between the British Isles, Halifax, Boston and Bermuda, of the movement of naval and military officers and prominent Nova Scotians."

    Franquet, Louis (1697-1768): Franquet was a specialist in French fortifications, who was sent to Louisbourg in 1750.
  • Extract from Franquet's Journal, Trip from Lake Champlain and Fort St. Frederic; in beige envelope, as mailed from a friend in New Hampshire.

    Fry, Bruce W.:
  • "An appearance of strength": The Fortifications of Louisbourg (Parks Canada, Environment Canada, 1984). § This work consists of two soft covered vols. (pp. 214/212) the vols. especially the 2nd vol., is full of illustrations and pictures. Here will be found the documentary, architectural and archaeological evidence revealing the strength of this 18th century French fortress.
  • A Survey of Louisbourg Gunflints (Ottawa: 1975). § Ills.; As contained in Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History, No. 12, pp. 101-28.

    Furneaux, Rupert (1908-1981)
  • The Money Pit Mystery [Oak Island] (London, Tom Stacey, 1972)

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