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Padfield, Peter:
  • Broke & The Shannon (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1968).

    Pacey, Elizabeth:
  • Georgian Halifax; With Glossary & Bibliography (Hantsport: Lancelot Press, 1988).

    PANS Annual Reports:
  • "Reports of the Boards of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia"; These reports include descriptions of the material (collections) which have been contributed to the archives for that particular with which the report concerns itself, up until 1947, or 1948, when, thereafter only the names of the contributers were listed, and no attempt is made to describe the material. For example, "In Appendix B [1940 report] is a reprint of the general orders issued by General Howe, during the period when the British army was in Halifax between its withdrawal from Boston in March, 1776, and its departure for New York in June of that year." "In Appendix C [1945 report] are reprints of letters of Thomas Chandler Haliburton, which "throw light on his historical research." It is represented that these letters show that he "was rabidly becoming impatient of historical research and beginning to feel his way toward that more congenial vehicle of expression which ultimately produced The Clockmaker.") In the 1947 report there will be found Harvey's 29 pp. essay on the state of Nova Scotia, 1848. And, as a further example, "In Appendix B [1953 report] are reprints of four letters of Joseph Howe, which throw light "upon Howe's character and experiences between 1863 and 1865 ..."

    Parker, David W.:
  • A Guide to the Documents (Ottawa: Public Archives of Canada; Vol. I, Pub. # 10, 1914).

    Parker, John P.:
  • Sails Of The Maritimes: The Story of the three- and four-masted schooners of Atlantic Canada; Index of the ships and men at back; (Alylesbury, Eng.: Hazell Watson & Vinery, 1960).
  • Cape Breton Ships and Men; (Alylesbury, Eng.: Hazell Watson & Vinery, 1967).

    Parkman, Francis (1823-1893):
  • France and England in North America (Toronto: Morang, Frontenac Ed., 1899). § In only the first few volumes will one find history relating to the province of Nova Scotia; but, for the sake of completeness, I list all of Parkman's books: "Pioneers of France in the New World," "The Jesuits in North America," "La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West," "Old Regime in Canada," "Frontenac & New France Under Louis XIV," "A Half Century of Conflict," "Montcalm and Wolfe," "The Conspiracy of Pontiac," & "The Oregon Trail."
  • The Journals of Francis Parkman; Mason Wade, ed.; 2 vols.; (Harper & Brs., 1947).
  • A Life of Francis Parkman; by Chas. H. Farnham; Ills; Bibliography and index; (New York: Greenwood Press, 1969).

    Parsons, Robert C. (1944-):
  • In Peril On The Sea: Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia (Pottersfield Press, 2000).

    Pastorek, John P.:
  • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records: The Registers of St. Charles aux Mines in Acadia, 1707-48 (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1999).

    Patterson, Frank Harris (1890-1976): § Born in Tatamagouche, Patterson was called to the Bar of Nova Scotia in 1916. Patterson was appointed to the Supreme Court bench in 1958, retiring in 1965.
  • A History of Tatamagouche; (Halifax: Royal Print & Litho., 1917); also (Mika, Belleville: 1973).
  • Acadian Tatamagouche and Fort Franklin (Truro: Truro Print, 1947). § The old French trial from Cobequid to Tatamagouche (map); pp. 84.

    Patterson, George Geddie (1864-1957): § The son of Rev. Dr. George Patterson who wrote, George Geddie Patterson attended Dalhousie and was to eventually graduate from Law School, in 1889. He was to teach at the Law School for a period of time; but, apparently, returned to New Glasgow where he was to become "Stipendiary Magistrate, Town Recorder and Town Councillor." He was to represent Pictou County as its M.L.A. from 1901 to 1906.
  • A History of the County of Pictou (Dawson Bros., 1877)
  • History of Victoria County (College of Cape Breton Press, Reprint, 1978).
  • Studies in Nova Scotian History (Halifax: The Imperial Pub. Co., 1940). § The Hector, Mr. Justice Haliburton, Famous N.S. Trials, Joe Howe, Sir Charles Tupper, etc.
  • More Studies in Nova Scotian History (Halifax: The Imperial Pub. Co., 1941) § The 84th Regiment [Highlanders], Three famous duels, Notes on earlier judges, James DeMille [the author], etc.
  • See articles by Patterson in The Dalhousie Review: "The coming of the 'Hector'," Vol. 38; "Establishment of the County Court in Nova Scotia," Vol. 14; "Joseph Howe and the Anti-Confederation League," Vol. 28; "An unexplained incident of Confederation in Nova Scotia," Vol. 28.

    Paul's, Saint (Halifax):
  • St. Paul's Church; Ills. by Latham B. Jenson; 12 pp. pamphlet.

    Pepperrell, William (1696-1759):
  • The Journal of Sir William Pepperrell: March to August, 1745; Charles Henry Lincoln, ed.; map of Nova Scotia pasted to back cover (American Antiquarian Society, 1910).
  • Pepperrell Papers; map (Louisbourg & environs), appendices & index; (Boston: Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 6th Series, Vol.X, 1899).

    Peterson, Jean:
  • The Loyalist Guide, Nova Scotian Loyalists and Their Documents; Compiled by ... (Halifax: PANS, c1983). § 272 pp. by Peterson with a good 5 p. intro. by Cuthbertson, being a nice summation of prior history; the book, a valuable research resource, is, really, just one big bibliography of all (it seems) written material that concerns itself, in any way, with the Loyalists.

    Perkins, Charlotte Isabella:
  • The Romance of Old Annapolis Royal (1934); (Halifax: Historical Association of Annnapolis Royal, reprint, 1952).

    Perkins, Simeon (1734-1812):
  • The diary of Simeon Perkins; Volume 1 (1766-1780); Edited with intro. by Harold A. Innis; 550 copies printed; (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1948).
  • Volume 2 (1780-1789); Edited with intro. by Harvey, notes by Fergusson; 600 copies printed; Fold out reproduction of a Des Barres map (1777) at back; (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1958).
  • Volume 3 (1790-1796); Edited with intro. by Fergusson; 650 copies printed; (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1961).
  • Volume 4 (1797-1803); Edited with intro. by Fergusson; 775 copies printed; (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1967).
  • Volume 5 (1804-1812); Edited with intro. by Fergusson; 1400 copies printed; (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1978).

    Philpot, H. S.:
  • The Province of Nova Scotia; Photos & foldout map at back; (Ottawa: Government of Canada, 4th ed., 1930); pp. 157.

    Piers, Harry (1870-1941): § Born in Halifax, and first becoming, in 1889, Assistant Librarian of the Legislative Library, Piers was to be the curator of the Nova Scotia Museum and held that position from 1899 to the date of his death in 1940. Piers immersed himself in most every cultural association which was in existence during his times, which was to lead him to become, in 1924, the President of The Nova Scotia Historical Society (NSHS); President of the Nova Scotia Society of Artists; President of the Museum of Fine Art; and President of the local branch of the Canadian Author's Association. Between the years 1899 to the appointment of D. C. Harvey in 1931, Piers, in addition to his duties as the curator of the Nova Scotia Museum, was the "Duty Keeper of the Records." (Fergusson, NSHQ#1:4.) There is a short biographcal note (xiii-xiv) in NSHS, #25 (1942).
  • Chronological Table of Dartmouth, Preston, Lawrencetown ... § A very authoritative date list fom 1746 to 1894. At its front, Mr. Piers recommends Mrs. Lawson's work "on the three townships, which has been lately published." (Halifax: 1894).
  • Robert Field: The Biography of an Early 19th Century Portrait Painter (New York: Frederic Fairchild Sherman, Ltd. Ed. of 325 copies, 1927). § Full page, tipped in portraits: Geo. Washington, Andrew Belcher, Alexander Croke, Charles Inglis, John Merrick, George Prevost, John Coape Sherbrooke, John Wentworth, Richard John Uniacke, Michael Wallace, Thomas Jefferson, et al.
  • The Evolution of the Halifax Fortress: 1749-1928 (Halifax: PANS, Pub. #7, 1947). § Contains bibliography of the writings of Piers; Some biographical information on the early military engineers such as John Brewse, Winckworth Tonge, John Henry Bastide, James Arnold (Benedict's brother), and more.

    Pomeroy, Seth (1706-1777): Seth Pomeroy was a resident of Northhampton, Massachusetts. He was part of the colonial force which took Louisbourg in 1745. Pomeroy was a major in the Fourth Mass. Reg. commanded by Col. Samuel Willard. At Louisbourg he was to put his occupation of that as a gunsmith to very good use. Seth Pomeroy is as about a genuine American hero as one might find; not only did he see service at Louisbourg (1745), but also was with Johnson at the Battle of Lake George, New York (1755). As an old man, and, just as determined as ever, he was with the revolutionaries at Bunker Hill (1775).
  • The Journals and Papers of ...; Louis Effingham De Forest, ed.; (New York: The Society of Colonial Wars, 1926).

    Prest, Walter H.:
  • The Gold Fields of Nova Scotia, A Prospector's Handbook (Halifax: The Industrial Pub., 1915). § "With Colored Index Map [folded and inserted at back] and numerous Illustrations."

    Pritchard, James (1939- ): § Professor Pritchard teaches at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
  • Anatomy of a Disaster (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995). § The 1746 French Naval Expedition to North America; Portrait of d'Enville as fp., ills., maps, and tables.

    Proctor, Jonathan (1739-1821): § Proctor was a colonial soldier from Danvers, Mass. who was on garrison duty at Louisbourg 1759-60.
  • Diary Kept At Louisbourg, 1759-1760. Reprint from The Essex Institute Historical Collections, Vol. LXX (Salem, Mass: The Essex Institute, 1934).

    Pugsley, William H. Lieut.:
  • Saints, Devils and Ordinary Seaman: Life on the Royal Canadian Navy's Lower Deck; Photos; (TORONTO: Collins, 1945).

    Pullen, H. F.: Retired Rear Admiral of the Canadian Navy.
  • The Shannon & The Chesapeake (Toronto: McCelland & Stewart, 1970).
  • The March of the Seaman (by Pullen) & The Story of H.M. Armed Schooner Tecumseth (by John R. Stevens) (Halifax: 1961).
  • The Sea Road To Halifax: Being An Account of the Lights and Buoys of Halifax Harbour (Halifax: Nova Scotia Museum, 1980).

    Punch, Terrence M. (1937-2017):
  • Nova Scotia Vital Statistics from Newspapers, 1813-1822, Compiled by Punch (Halifax: Genealogical Committee of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, No. one in a series, 1978).
  • Same, 1769-1812; No. five, 1981.
  • See also compilations of the same nature done by Jean M. Holder.
  • Religious Marriages in Halifax, 1768-1841, Compiled by Punch (Halifax: Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, Pub. #16, 1991).
  • Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia (Halifax: Petheric Press, 1983).

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