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The Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly.

NSHQ, Vol. #1:1 (1971):
  • "The Feast of St. Aspinquid"; by Thomas H. Raddall; 10 pp.
  • "Two Letter on the 'Pacification of Nova Scotia'"; by D.A. Muise; 16 pp.
  • "Disasters in the Pictou Collieries"; by James M. Cameron; 20 pp.
  • "Seal Island Shipwrecks"; by George T. Bates; (The wrecks are listed from 1781 to 1955.); 20 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #1:2 (1971):
  • "The London Coach in Cumberland County"; by Will R. Bird; 16 pp.
  • "Communications in the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence 1775-1951"; by G. MacLaren; 26 pp.
  • "Andrew Downs"; by Marjorie Major; (The first Zoological Gardens was founded by Downs in 1847.); 14 pp.
  • "Gold Fields of Eastern Nova Scotia"; by D.E. Stephens; 18 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia's Role in the Great Paris Exhibition, 1867"; by D. Grant; 8 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #1:3 (1971):
  • "The Negro Loyalists"; by Evelyn B. Harvey; 22 pp.
  • "Charles Tupper and the Politics of Education in Nova Scotia"; by P. L. McCreath; 22 pp.
  • "Margaret Marshall Saunders [1861-1947]"; by Phyllis R. Blakeley; (Saunders, born in Liverpool, was the author of Beautiful Joe, "the story of the sufferings of a dog." 16 pp.
  • "It Began in 1816"; by J.L. Martin; (Re: The founding of New Ross by Captain William Ross); 6 pp.
  • "The Ross Farm"; by Anne F. Young; 10 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #1:4 (1971):
  • "The Past is Prologue"; by Charles Bruce Fergusson; Fergusson makes references to the early histories of Nova Scotia and of the establishment of PANS, from Akins through to himself (Fergusson); 16 pp.
  • "The Makings of a School Museum"; by M.V. Marshall; 20 pp.
  • "John Fillis, MLA"; by J. F. Smith; (Fillis was a member of Nova Scotia's first legislative assembly [1758].) 18 pp.
  • "The Founding of Pictou [1773]"; by R.H. Sherwood; 10 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia's Forgotten Decades - 1900-1920"; by D. E. Stephens; 18 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #2:1 (1972):
  • "The Development of Sherbrooke Village to 1880"; by John N. Grant; 16 pp.
  • "The General Store [c.1876]"; by Marjorie Nightingale; 19 pp.
  • "The Ox Case [c.1930]"; by R. E. Inglis; 5 pp.
  • "Kings and Dalhousie: An Early Attempt at University Consolidation in Nova Scotia [1825-30]"; by John Leefe; 14 pp.
  • "The Horn Book"; by M. V. Marshall; The Horn Book was an early reader used by children in the course of their education; pre-1800; 10 pp.
  • "Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia"; by David E. Stephens; Wheelwrights, coopers, brewers, etc.; 20 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #2:2 (1972):
  • "Elmsdale 1785-1914"; by Barbara Grantmyre"; 30 pp.
  • "A Visit to Nova Scotia and Louisbourg in 1860"; by P.B. Waite; 8 pp.
  • "Another Look at Confederation"; by B.D. Tennyson; 16 pp.
  • "A Daughter of Maitland"; by Francis W. Grant; Helen Mary Smith (1853-1944); 10 pp.
  • "An Adventure with a Privateer"; by Phyllis R. Blakeley; (Lockport, 1778.); 10 pp.
  • "Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia"; by David E. Stephens; Farrier, blacksmith; 18 pp.
  • "History of Nova Scotia Tartan"; by Marjorie Major; 24 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #2:3 (1972):
  • "A Voyage to Australia"; Evelyn Richardson; 14 pp.
  • "We Shall Conquer Yet"; by Dorothy M. Grant; (The early 1800s and the treatment of the mentally disturbed.); 10 pp.
  • "The Bay of Fundy Ferry"; by R. Baden Powell; 16 pp.
  • "Coskill vs Kent"; by James F. Smith; (1796 and the dismissal of Captain John Crosskill from his captaincy of the Earl of Moira.); 14 pp.
  • "The 1821 Emigration of Black Nova Scotians to Trinidad"; by John N. Grant; 10 pp.
  • "Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia"; by D.E. Stephens; Millers and millwrights, curriers and tanners; 18 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #2:4 (1972):
  • "'Grassy Island' - The Forgotten Springboard to Louisbourg"; by Stephen F. Bedwell; (Canso: Bedwell sets forth a very valuable bibliography for any person who is interested in the history of Canso.); 16 pp.
  • "The Yarn Woman"; by Ruth C. Auwater; 8 pp.
  • "From Pulpit to Platform: Alexander Forrester [b.1805]"; by Robert Harvey; (Forrester was an educator and geologist.); 18 pp.
  • "Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia"; by David E. Stephens; (Yoke makers, sawyer, nails, shipwrights.); 22 pp.
  • "2000 A.D. to 2020 A.D."; by M.V. Marshall; 16 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #3:1 (1973):
  • "A Bluenose Privateer of 1812"; by John Leefe; 20 pp.
  • "The Pineos: A Political Pair from Pugwash"; by James F. Smith; 22 pp.
  • "Census of Nova Scotia: 1861"; by David E. Stephens; 14 pp.
  • "The Establishment of the Consulate of the United States of America in Halifax"; by Charles Bruce Fergusson; 18 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #3:2 (1973):
  • "Landing of the Hector"; by R.H. Sherwood; (Pictou and the first wave of Scottish immigration.); 12 pp.
  • "The Pictou Literature and Scientific Society; by Allan C. Dunlop; 10 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia's First Sculpture"; by G.E.G. MacLaren; (John A. Wilson [1877-1954], a son of Pictou.); 4 pp.
  • "Passenger List of Ship Hector"; by G.E.G. MacLaren; 10 pp.
  • "A Journal of the Proceedings"; by Ruth E. Kaulback; (Phipps' expedition to Port Royal, 1690.); 14 pp. (Check NovaScotiaBk1/Part2/Ch03.htm)

    NSHQ, Vol. #3:3 (1973):
  • "Joseph Howe -- Journalist"; by Lorna Innes; 12 pp.
  • "The Great Pontack Inn"; by Marjorie Major; (Halifax, 1750s.); 20 pp.
  • "A Halifax Tragedy [1816]"; by Edith Creighton; 6 pp.
  • "Letter From Another World, 1757"; by Malcolm MacLeod; 18 pp.
  • "Hero of Shipwreck Atlantic [1873]"; by Phyllis R. Blakeley; 10 pp.
  • "Loyal Subjects, Able Artists and Honest Men"; by Louis W. Collins; (A commentary on the growth of architecture as a profession in Halifax ... 1749-1973.); 20 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #3:4 (1973):
  • "Same Notable Achievements of Native Nova Scotians"; by A. E. Marble; 22 pp.
  • "Yarmouth and Argyle 1814-1851"; by M. V. Marshall; 22 pp.
  • "The 'King's Bastion Barracks' in Louisbourg"; by Blaine Adams; 6 pp.
  • "Crossing to Catastrophe"; by James F. Smith; (1853 and the Pictou Charlottetown ferry, the Fairy Queen.); 14 pp.
  • "Dr. Adamsons' Cholera Cure"; by Geoffrey Bilson; (1828 and the development of the medical profession.); 10 pp.
  • "The Bounty Hunter"; by John Leefe; (Sylvanus Cobb, 1750.); 8 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #4:1 (1974):
  • "Pharmacist and Entrepreneur -- Pictou's J.D.B. Fraser [1807-69]"; by A.C. Dunlop; 22 pp.
  • "Boom Town of Iron and Steel"; by D.E. Stephens; (Londonderry, Great Village and the Acadian Mines, Abraham Gesner, Sir William Dawson and Charles Archibald and The Royal Mail Steamship Packet Company, 1914.); 8 pp.
  • "The Wreck of the Cobequid"; by R.B. Perry; 6 pp.
  • "Early Automobiles in Nova Scotia"; by G.E.G. MacLaren; 12 pp.
  • "The Floral Emblem of Nova Scotia"; by C.B. Ferguson; (The trailing arbutus, or mayflower. Contains Joseph Howe's poem, The Mayflower.); 14 pp.
  • "New France, Digby County"; by R.B. Powell; (Emile Stehelin, 1896 and Tusket Lake.); 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #4:2 (1974):
  • "Officials and Walking Gentlemen"; by James F. Smith; (19th century politics in New Glasgow.); 28 pp.
  • "Letters of Norman Wade [c.1838-62]"; by Leone B. Cousins; (Wade went off at a tender age to seek his fortune (it would appear, the U.S. Navy), and, as a devoted son, sent letters back home to his family located at Granville Ferry, Annapolis County.); 30 pp.
  • "Was There Never a Garden"; by M. Silver; Old colonial gardens of Nova Scotia.); 8 pp.
  • "George MacKenzie [1873-1953] -- Northern Pioneer"; by Francis W. Grant; 12 pp.
  • "The Arts of The MicMac"; by G.E.G. MacLaren; 12 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia Books In-Print"; Compiled by the Legislative Library; 28 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #4:3 (1974):
  • "Howe and Confederation"; by Dr. C. B. Ferguson; 22 pp.
  • "Musquodoboit Remembers Fondly Illustrious Neighbour, J. Howe"; by Nellie R. Stewart; 8 pp.
  • "Melville Island"; by Marjorie Major; (Indian encampment, naval prison, modern yacht club.); 20 pp.
  • "The Strathbeg Reading Society 1866-1869"; by Dr. D.M. Sinclair; (The establishment of libraries.); 4 pp.
  • "The Boston Tarbaby"; by Dr. Alexander Young Jr.; (This article concerns itself with the black boxer, Sam Langford (1886-1956), from Weymouth.); 22 pp.
  • "The Halifax Riot of April, 1863"; by A. Jeffrey Wright; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #4:4 (1974):
  • "Nova Scotia and the Acadian Problem: 1710-1755"; by John Leefe; 18 pp.
  • "The Journal of Helen Sophia Perry Winter of 1909-10"; by Lawrence Kent Sweeney; 10 pp.
  • "Education in Old and New Scotland"; by James Scotland; (Scottish immigration.); 18 pp.
  • "My Three Grandfathers"; by M.V. Marshall; 10 pp.
  • "See Alder Bushes"; by Elsie Churchill Tolson; 10 pp.
  • "The Matthew Welsh Estate"; by Laurier C. Grant; (The estate of a blacksmith; Guysborough; the 19th century.); 14 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #5:1 (1975):
  • "Willie Goes to War"; by A. C. Dunlop; (Charles Tupper's son and the North West Rebellion of 1885.); 20 pp.
  • "Treasure for the Taking"; by Elsie Churchill Tolson; Sir William Phips, 1687; 10 pp.
  • "Yarmouth Stream Packets 1839-1889"; by R. B. Powell; 16 pp.
  • "The Teacher's Reward: Alexander Forrester at Truro"; by R. P. Harvey; 1855 and the founding of the Truro Normal School; 22 pp.
  • "Publications of genealogies of Nova Scotia Families"; 3 pp.
  • "Tobin Genealogy"; by T. M. Punch; Genealogy Material: Tobin; (The method used by Punch, according to a note at p. 70, is an example of Burke's Peerage method vers. the New England Historic and Genealogical Register Method, for which, see Graves' work on the Weatherhead family, ahead, NSHQ#5:2, p. 177.); 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #5:2 (1975):
  • "The Historical and Social Setting of the Antigonish Movement"; by Jim Lotz; 18 pp.
  • "Cumberland County Hatchet Murder"; by James F. Smith; Pugwash, 1838; 14 pp.
  • "Pictou Island"; by Roland H. Sherwood; 12 pp.
  • "L'Ordre do Bon Temps"; by Michael A. Salter; 12 pp.
  • "Adult Education in Nova Scotia"; by Patrick Keane; 12 pp.
  • "And Having a Love for people"; by Phyllis R. Blakeley; pp.
  • "The Weatherhead Family of Upper Rawdon"; by Ross Graves; Genealogy Material: Weatherhead, Fenton, Laffin, Little, Withrow; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #5:3 (1975):
  • "William Sabatier [1752-1826] - Public Spirited citizen or Meddling Busybody"; by C. B. Ferguson; (High Sheriff of the County of Halifax.); 28 pp.
  • "MJKL - A Victorian Contradiction"; by Lois Kernaghan; (Mary Jane Katzman [1828-93] was born at Maroon Hall at Preston.); 11 pp.
  • "Physician & Surgeon, Aged Twenty Two"; by Stella Birchall; Halifax, 1842; 5 pp.
  • "Thy Kingdom Come"; by Evelyn M. Richardson; (A wreck on Mud Island off Yarmouth, 1910.); 18 pp.
  • "Cape Sable Island Ferries"; by H. R. Banks; 12 pp.
  • "Cape Breton's Early Roads"; by Mary Black; (Judge Marshall makes his rounds in 1827. The judge filed a report to the governor, Sir James Kempt. See the descriptions of Arichat, Margaree, Baddeck, Sydney, and other places); 20 pp.
  • "John Baptist Bachman of Lunenburg township, N. S."; by Frank Bauckman; Genealogy Material: Bachman; 10 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #5:4 (1975):
  • "My Island Home"; by Lilah Smith Bird; 14 pp.
  • "Pictou's Pioneer Minister"; by Roland Sherwood; Rev. James MacGregor (1759-1830) and Pictou, 1786; 16 pp.
  • "The Loss of H.M.S. Tribune off Herring Cove, 23 November, 1797"; by H. F. Pullen; 14 pp.
  • "Who Was Jacob Walton?"; by E. L. Eaton; Genealogy Material: Walton; 14 pp.
  • "Early Efforts to Improve Services for the Mentally Retarded in Nova Scotia"; by Starr Curry; Early 20th century; 10 pp.
  • "Silas Terius Rand [1810-89] and his Micmac Dictionary"; by V. M. Marshall; 20 pp.
  • "James McCabe Genealogy"; by A. E. Marble; Genealogy Material: McCabe; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #6:1 (1976):
  • "Nova Scotia Newspapers View the United States 1827-1840"; by R. H. McDonald; 16 pp.
  • "Travel and Travelers on the Eastern Shore"; by John N. Grant; 16 pp.
  • "... And Death the Journey's End"; by Barbara Grantmyre; (Grantmyre extracts parts of a journal kept by Stanley A. MacKenzie, President of Dalhousie University, while transversing the province by canoe during the summer of 1885: the Dartmouth Lakes, Shubenacadie River, Cobequid Bay and the Avon River.); 16 pp.
  • "The Tragedy of Catherine Thompson [1846]"; by Dorothy M. Grant; 8 pp.
  • "Great Grandmother Isabel: A Story of the Turn of the Century"; by Vera G. Marshall; 12 pp.
  • "The Wests of Halifax and Lunenburg"; by Terrence M. Punch; Genealogy Material: West, Glawson, Pieler; 18 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #6:2 (1976):
  • "They Built a Fortune"; by R. H. Sherwood; (Sea captains and the 19th century.); 10 pp.
  • "The Pictou Bank [1873]"; by J. M. Cameron; 26 pp.
  • "The Crossing of Bear River"; by R. B. Powell; (c. 1880.); 14 pp.
  • "A Shipbuilding Document from Sherbrooke Village"; by J. N. Grant; (The specifications for a sailing vessel, 1873.); 8 pp.
  • "A Genealogy File"; by Ruth Auwarter; (Basically, Auwarter gives some advice (in pre-computer times) on how to build genealogy files, but it does contain genealogy material on the Lewis family of Yarmouth.); 6 pp.
  • "Early History of St. Andrews's Wesley United Church of Canada: Springhill, Nova Scotia"; by Bertha Campbell; 20 pp.
  • "Cape Breton in 1867"; by B. D. Tennyson; 14 pp.
  • "The Morris Family: Surveyors-General"; by Ethel Crathorne; Genealogy Material: Morris; 10 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #6:3 (1976):
  • "Halifax Town: The Census of 1838"; by T. M. Punch; 26 pp.
  • "The Hapless Politician: E.H. Armstrong [1865- ] of Nova Scotia"; by A. Jeffrey Wright; (Nova Scotia political scene, 1920s.); 22 pp.
  • "The Halifax Orphan House 1752-87"; by Paul M. Gouett; 11 pp.
  • "Sir John Wentworth and the Sable Island Humane Establishment"; by Lyall Campbell; 19 pp.
  • "First Two Years of the Bedford Fire Department"; by Elsie Churchill Tolson; 6 pp.
  • "John Howe Genealogy"; by T. M. Punch & E. M. Marble; Genealogy Material: Howe, Austen, 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #6:4 (1976):
  • "Woman of the Year - 1842"; by Leone B. Cousins; (Eliza Ruggles [1817-1908] Dempsey Corner, Kings County.); 26 pp.
  • "Two Peripatetic Gentlemen"; by Barbara Grantmyre; (Titus Smith and Valentine Gill.); 16 pp.
  • "Private Enterprise in Guysborough, Nova Scotia"; by Laurier C. Grant; (1927 and the introduction of electric power.); 14 pp.
  • "Young Teazer, The Making of a Myth"; by Dwight Tanner; (Young Teazer, the American privateer and the year 1813.); 8 pp.
  • "Hastings Doyle and the Anti-Confederates [c. 1867]"; by R. H. McDonald; 18 pp.
  • "John Harvie (1730-1822) of Newport, Nova Scotia"; by R. P. Harvey; Genealogy Material: Harvie; pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #7:1 (1977):
  • "Early History of Presbyterians of Springhill, Nova Scotia"; by Bertha J. Campbell; 30 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 1"; by Keith A Hatchard; 10 pp.
  • "The Forgotten Christians of Cornwallis Township"; by E. L. Eaton; 14 pp.
  • "George Woodland [1867-1969] Master Builder"; by Francis W. Grant; 14 pp.
  • "The Lavache Family of Arichat, Cape Breton"; by Stephen A. White; Genealogy Material: Lavache; 18 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #7:2 (1977):
  • "The Laws of Pictou"; by Dr. Roland H. Sherwood; 10 pp.
  • "Mysterious Henry"; by Barbara Grantmyre; pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 2"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 10 pp.
  • "Beyond the Limit"; by Alan Easton; (Rum running days of the 1920s.); 26 pp.
  • "Novascotiana, 1976"; 14 pp.
  • "A Banks family of Nova Scotia"; by J. Furber Marshall; Genealogy Material: Banks; 14 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #7:3 (1977):
  • "Nova Scotia and the Reciprocity Negotiations. 1846-1854: A Re-Interpretation"; by R. H. McDonald; 30 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 3"; by Keith Hatchard; 8 pp.
  • "When Victor Hugo's Daughter was a Haligonian"; by R. P. Harvey; 14 pp.
  • "Glenwood, Yarmouth County"; by Helen S. Ricker; 10 pp.
  • "The North Shore Langilles of Nova Scotia"; by G. Byers; Genealogy Material: Langille; 24 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #7:4 (1977):
  • "The Halifax Explosion, 1917"; by Evelyn Richardson; 26 pp.
  • "When Waverley Wished for Gold"; by John Hartlen; (Goldmining in the 19th century.); 20 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia Aid for the Sufferers of the Great Saint John Fire"; by Doris Phillips; 16 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 4"; by Keith Hatchard; 10 pp.
  • "Sir John S. D. Thompson Genealogy"; by E. M. Marble & T. M. Punch; Genealogy Material: Thompson, Affleck, Pottinger; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #8:1 (1978):
  • "The Atlantic Privateers Part I"; by John Leefe; 18 pp.
  • "Maple Sugar and Cabbages"; by Terrence M. Punch; 20 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 5"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 12 pp.
  • "The History of the Municipality of East Hants (1861-1923)"; by Mrs. Ernest Wallace; 30 pp.
  • "The Fellows Family of Granville, Nova Scotia"; by Leone B. Cousins; Genealogy Material: Fellows, Dunn, Troop, Elliott, Chesley, Foster, & Chute; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #8:2 (1978):
  • "The Atlantic Privateers Part II"; by John Leefe; 16 pp.
  • "Baltimore - Ship of Doom"; by Carol Mcleod; 10 pp.
  • "The Chignecto Ship Railway"; by David Stephens; 12 pp.
  • "Earthquakes in Cape Breton"; by B. D. Tennyson; 6 pp.
  • "John George's Hurricane"; by Mary E. Black; 6 pp.
  • "Granny Had the Remedy"; by Marianna Dempster; 6 pp.
  • "The Tragic Shipwreck of the Brigantine St. Lawrence"; by Lilah Smith Bird; 6 pp.
  • "The Burns Family of Wilmot Township"; by Allen E. Marble; Genealogy Material: Burns; 10 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #8:3 (1978):
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 6"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 10 pp.
  • "Privateers and Petticoats"; by Carol MacLeod; Josiah Churchill, Jonathan Locke and the early history of Lockeport; 10 pp.
  • "End of the White Plague"; by Joananna Hutten; Tuberculosis and the N. S. Sanatorium at Kentville (1910); 10 pp.
  • "Andrew McKim [1779-1840], Reformer"; by James Smith; Cumberland County; 18 pp.
  • "Additional Kings County Shipbuilding Records"; by E. L. Eaton; 6 pp.
  • "Daniel Raymond of Yarmouth: A Pre-Loyalist Settler in Western Nova Scotia - Part 1"; by Ann Raymond; Genealogy Material: Raymond; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #8:4 (1978):
  • "Charles Rogers Ward, Editor of The Cape Bretonian"; by C. B. Ferguson; 16 pp.
  • "Joseph Howe and the Struggle for Railways in Nova Scotia: 1830-1858"; by D. Chard; 10 pp.
  • "Marriage Among Early Quakers"; by Jane Keyes; Dartmouth, c. 1790; 10 pp.
  • "The Attempted Mutiny Onboard H. M. Sloop Columbine on 1 August, 1809"; by H. F. Pullen; 10 pp.
  • "Loyalists are Stuffy, eh?"; by T. M. Punch; 26 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 7"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 8 pp.
  • "Raymond Genealogy - Part 2"; by Ann Raymond; Genealogy Material; 14 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #9:1 (1979):
  • "Francis Green - 'A Suffering Loyalist and Friend to the British Government'"; by Phyllis Blakeley; 14 pp.
  • "The Surettes of Eel Brook and Their Descendants"; by Neil Boucher; Genealogy Material; 10 pp.
  • "A Political Scholarship"; by E. L. Eaton; 12 pp.
  • "Trials and Torment: The Story of two Stalwarts"; by Carol McLeod; (Nicholas and Simon Denys and the original establishments at St. Peter's and Chedabucto [Guysborough].); 9 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 8"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 12 pp.
  • "Jonathan Prescott, M.D. - 'Vincit Qui Patitur'"; by Terrence M. Punch; Genealogy Material: Prescott, Hammill; 22 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #9:2 (1979):
  • "Some Came to Nova Scotia"; by Roy M. Kennedy; Sutherland clearances of northern Scotland, Scottish emigration to N.S. in the early 19th c.; 14 pp.
  • "General John Reid [1721-1807] [Part 1]"; by Thelma Reid Lower; Reid was a Scottish army musician who was involved in numerous American conflicts, but the article does not seem to relate to the history of Nova Scotia; 24 pp.
  • "We Owe the Scots"; by Leone Cousins; 6 pp.
  • "Queens County Klondike [1880-1900]"; by James H. Morrison & L. M. B. Friend; 14 pp.
  • "Discovery of Kerosene"; by Roland H. Sherwood; Abraham Gesner (1797-1864); 8 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 9"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 12 pp.
  • "The Family of Rolen Rogers, A New England Planter in King's County"; by Allen B. Robertson; Genealogy Material: Rogers; 12 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #9:3 (1979):
  • "Robert Challe: An Early Visitor to Acadia and Quebec [c.1680]"; by Rosann Runte; 14 pp.
  • "Places of Worship on the Halifax Scotia Square Site"; by E. Arthur Betts; Map tipped in; 10 pp.
  • "The Life and Times of James Boyle Uniacke [1800-1858]"; by Jan L. Millar; 10 pp.
  • "The Menace of Northumberland Strait"; by Roland H. Sherwood; 14 pp.
  • "The Nova Scotia Apple History - Part 10"; by Keith A. Hatchard; 8 pp.
  • "Eugene Butler Coates [1891-1978], O.B.E. - Skipper Unusual"; by E. L. Eaton; 12 pp.
  • "Beamish of Kilvurra and Halifax"; by Terrence M. Punch; Genealogy Material: Beamish; 14 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #9:4 (1979):
  • "Springhill's First Doctor"; by Bertha J. Cambell; Dr. William J. Cove (1838-1901); 16 pp.
  • "The Mystery Man of Clare"; by Lilah Smith Bird; (A legless man is found on the shores of St Mary's Bay in 1864. He could not or would not speak and the Comeau family took care of him for the rest of his days. "Jerome" died in 1912. [See too Borrett's Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock.]); 5 pp.
  • "John Campbell - A True Prospector and a Good Geologist"; by John Hartlen; Gold at Tangier in 1857; 16 pp.
  • "General John Reid [Part 2]"; by Thelma Reid Lower; Of little value to the Nova Scotian historian; 28 pp.
  • "Genealogy of The Descendants of David Fairweather of West River and River John, Pictou County"; by Gordon Haliburton; Genealogy Material: Fairweather; 16 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #10:1 (1980):
  • "The New Grand Theatre: Halifax 1789-1814"; by Yashdip Singh Bains; 22 pp.
  • "The Irish Catholics, Halifax's First Minority Group"; by Terrence M. Punch; 18 pp.
  • "The Witness [1848-63]"; by E. M. Stevenson; 18 pp.
  • "The Life and Times of James Barclay Hall, Ph.D. [1843-1928]"; by Leone B. Cousins; 30 pp.
  • "Irish Miscellany: Some Have Gone From Us"; by Terrence M. Punch; 22 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #10:2 (1980):
  • "Annals of a Barrington Shipyard"; by Marion Robertson; 18 pp.
  • "A Letter To My Country Friends [1861-64]"; by E. M. Stevenson; 16 pp.
  • "The Dresden Lady of Clifton"; by Margaret Perry; 6 pp.
  • "The Maxners of Lunenburg and Windsor"; by John V. Duncanson; Genealogy Material: Maxner; 20 pp.

    NSHQ, Vol. #10, Nos. 3 & 4 (1980) (Last ed.):
  • "The Dyke Lands"; by E. L. Eaton; 16 pp.
  • "'Shank's Mare and other things ...' An Historical Glimpse at Travel in Northern Cape Breton"; by Fred Williams; 8 pp.
  • "Soldiers Storms and Seasons; Weather Watching in Nineteenth Century Halifax"; by James H. Morrison; 22 pp.
  • "A Letter To My Country Friends [1861-64]"; by E. M. Stevenson; 12 pp.
  • "The Bourgue Family of Ste. Anne Du Ruisseau, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia"; by Joan Bourque Cambell; Genealogy Material: Bourgue; 18 pp.
  • "Why did you say that?"; by Ruth C. Lewis; 6 pp.
  • "The Levee and Other New Year's Festivities"; by Allan C. Dunlop; 10 pp.
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