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Calnek, William A. (1822-1892):
  • History of the County of Annapolis (1897); (Belleville: Mika, 1972).
  • Supplement to ... History of the County of Annapolis (1913) by Savary (Belleville: Mika, 1973).

    Cameron, Harcourt Leslie (1912-65)
  • Nova Scotia Historic Sites (Ottawa, 1956). § An Inventory of the Grand Pré Dikes. The main feature of this work (7 pages only) is a map included in the pocket at the back. It is a carefully drawn map of the Grand Pré area (1"-660'). The map was "compiled and drawn by Photogrammetry Division, Nova Scotia Research Foundation, from aerial photographs taken for forest inventory, 1955. Airphoto interpretation by H. L. Cameron; cartography by Helen Stein." Shows not only the operating dikes but also the old, breached and abandoned dikes; further there is shown the "Old French Roads."

    Campbell, Duncan:
  • Nova Scotia in Its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations; (Montreal: John Lovell, 1873).

    Campbell, P. J. MacKenzie:
  • Highland Community on the Bras d'Or Valuable information about the people of Scottish descent who lived along the Bras d'Or. On p. 25 there is, from the 1818 census, a list of the inhabitants of the District of St. Andrew's; p. 134, a list from the census of 1838, District of Red Islands; pp. 136-47, a list from the 1871 census. (Casket Printing & Publishing, 1978)

    Campbell, D. & R. A. MacLean:
  • Beyond the Atlantic Roar: A Study of the Nova Scotia Scots; (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1974).

    Campbell, George Graham (1904-1972): § A local boy from Stewiacke, Dr. Campbell became the Principal of Sydney Academy.
  • History of Nova Scotia; (Toronto: Ryerson, 1948).
  • Castaway on Cape Breton: Ensign Prenties' Narrative, 1780 (Wreck Cove, Cape Breton: Breton Books, 1991). § To which is added Samuel Burrows' Narrative of Shipwreck on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823.

    Careless, J. M. S.:
    § Taught at both Toronto and Harvard.
  • The Union of the Canadas: The Growth of Canadian Institutions 1841-1857); (McClelland & Stewart, 1967).

    Carter, Alexander (Sandie?)
    § Ms. Carter was at University of Toronto during 1971 and it was then that she wrote the article I have and dealt with below; in 1976 she lived at "Aite Breigh," Boutlier's Point, Halifax County.
  • "Lyttleton's View of Halifax Harbour"; Captain Westcott Witchurch Lyttleton (1818-1879) came to Halifax sometime after 1840 with the British army. Lyttleton was an artist and painted scenes in and around Halifax. In this publication will be found a coloured reproduction of his "Halifax Harbour Seen from McNab's Island," the original being at the Royal Ontario Museum; the article is contained in Bulletin #25 of The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa, 1976), pp. 19-31.

    Chambers, Robert W.:
  • "Halifax in Wartime"; (Halifax: The Halifax Herald and the Halifax Mail, 1943). § Illustrations by the well known editorial cartoonist; foreward by D.C. Harvey; a sm. pamphlet with cardborad wrap.

    Champlain, Samuel (1567-1635):
  • Voyages of Samuel Champlain; (Toronto: Courier, 1911). § With intro. and notes by Professors E. G. Bourne (Yale) and W. L. Grant (Queens).
  • See Charles W. Colby's work, The Founder of New France in the 32 volume series Chronicles of Canada under Wrong (Ed.)
  • The Life of Fortitude; by Morris Bishop; Map at back; (New York: Knopf, 1948).
  • Champlain's Island (Ste. Croix); by William Francis Ganong; (New Brunswick Museum, 1945).
  • Samuel Champlain, Father of New France; by Morison; (Boston: Little, Brown, 1972).
  • Champlain's Order of Good Cheer and Some Brief Notes Relating to its Founder; by L. M. Fortier; (Toronto: Nelson, 1928).

    Chapman, Harry (1937-2022):
  • In the Wake of the Alderney (Halifax: Nimbus, 2001).

    Charlevoix, Pierre (1682-1761):
    § Charlevoix, when but a 23 year old aspiring Jesuit, came out to Quebec, there to take up his priestly duties. He stayed in Quebec up to, at least, 1708, when, at that time, he met
    Hertel. By 1709, Charlevoix was back in France in pursuit of his religious studies. He was not to return to Canada until 1721 when he made his famous round trip from France via Quebec, Milchilimackinac and Louisiana. His travels prompted him to write Histoire Nouvelle France in 1744; a more biased work would be difficult to find, but it was very pleasing to the supporters of the French cause in North America. Parkman thought him to be an inaccurate historian (Charlevoix's "usual carelessness").
  • Histoire Nouvelle France (1744); a reprint of John Gilmary Shea's translation (1870); 6 Vols; (Chicago: Loyola University Press, 1962).

    Chatterton, E. Keble:
    § Chatterton was a "most prolific exploiter of sea atmosphere ... ground out more than 40 books in 35 years." (
  • English Seaman and the Colonization of America (London: Arrowsmith, 1930). § Includes Ills. Early exploration of the American eastern seaboard by the English, especially Virginia; Port. of Jonathan Belcher.

    Chisholm, K. C.:
  • The Halifax Memorial Tower "Published By The Canadian Club, Halifax, N. S., 1913." § Ills., including, Borden, Fleming, Bligh (Mayor of Halifax), and others.

    Church, Benjamin (1639-1718):
  • Correspondence of ... § This is but a fragment (pp. 93-198) of an old book that was sent to me, in 1999, by an admirer. It's yellowed and frail. From the back page I see, "Newport, April 8th, 1772." The work consists of Letters of Instructions to and Church's Reports through the years 1689-1704; there is a four page bio. at the back. It is broken down into separate accountings of the First Expedition, 1689; the Second Expedition, 1690-1; the Third Expedition, 1692; the Fourth Expedition, 1696; and the Fifth & Last Expedition, 1703-4. I know that in the mid 19th century, a Dr. Dexter, a scholastic, saw to the publication of The History of the Eastern Expeditions of 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696 and 1704 Against the Indians and the French, (J.K.Wiggin and Wm. Parsons Lunt., 1867) a work which I have spotted in the catalogues; but, at a price that I was unwilling to pay. This "fragment" that I have is much older then Dr. Dexter's work.

    Clarke, Andrew Hill:
  • Acadia: The Geography of Early Nova Scotia to 1760 (The University of Wisconsin Press, 1968). § Considerable information of the movements of the Acadian people through the years to the time of their deportation; Numerous tables and maps.

    Clarke, Ernest (1939- ):
  • The Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776 (Eddy Rebellion)(McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995).

    Clarke, George Frederick:
  • The Expulsion of the Acadians (1955); (Fredericton: Brunswick Press, 1991).

    Colby, Charles W.:
  • See 32 volume series Chronicles of Canada under Wrong (Ed.) for Colby's works: The Founder of New France [Champlain] (#3) & The Fighting Governor [Frontenac].

    Collins, Louisa:
  • Louisa's Diary (Halifax: N.S. Museum, 1989). § A 55 p. glossy pamphlet; Louisa's diary is a gem-like fragment from the 1815 journal of a young woman who lived in what is now Cole Harbour (Dartmouth). It provides a rare glimpse into the daily lives of 18th century Nova Scotia." A new and expanded version of Louisa's Diary, The 1815 Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl, by Dale McClare, editor and annotator, has been brought out in 1997; it includes reproductions of some lovely old engravings (Dartmouth, N.S.: Brook House Press, 1989).

    Cornal, James:
  • Halifax South End Halifax in old photographs, c. 1898-1904, among them: Courthouse, Spring Garden Rd., c. 1863-71; At the bottom & Looking up George St. from Water St., c.1863; Barrington St., c.1900; Shots from the Citadel; etc. (Arcadia, Charleston, N.C., 1998)

    Cornwallis, Edward:
  • "The Honourable Edward Cornwallis: Founder of Freemasonry in Halifax," by Reginald V. Harris; (London: The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, 1949).

    Costain, Thomas B.:
  • "The Canadian History Series"; 6 vols. edited by Costain; (New York: Doubleday, 1954-67):
    I The White And The Gold (1497~) by Costain;
    II Century Of Conflict by J. L. Rutledge;
    III The Path Of Destiny (1763~) by Thos. H. Raddall;
    IV From Sea Unto Sea (1850~) by W. G. Hardy;
    V Ordeal By Fire (1910~) by Ralph Allen; and
    VI The Search For Identity (1945~) by Blair Fraser.

    Coward, Elizabeth Ruggles:
  • Bridgetown, Nova Scotia: Its History to 1900 Obviously it is very difficult to adequately cover off 250 years of history in as many pages, especially if you are trying to fit in as many local names as one can find; but, as far as these town histories go, Coward would appear to have done not a bad job. There are no authorities cited. There is included in this 1986, ed., an index prepared by Bette Colyer. (Bridgetown: Mailman Pub., 1986)

    Cowan, H. I.:
  • British Emigration to British North America; The First Hundred Years; (University of Toronto, 1961).

    Cozzens, Frederic S.:
  • Acadia; or, A Month with the Blue Noses (New York: Derby & Jackson, 1859). § Two lithographs of a French Acacian woman at to the front.

    Craig, David:
  • On the Crofters' Trail, In search of the Clearance Highlanders; (London: Jonathon Cape, 1990).

    Creighton, Helen:
  • Folklore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia (Ottawa: Nat. Museum of Can., Bulletin No. 117, Anthropological Series No. 29, 1950).
  • Bluenose Magic (1968) (University of Toronto Press, 1970).

    Crowell, Edwin:
  • A History of Barrington Township and Vicinity, Shelburne County, 1604-1870, With a Biographical and exposition; b.&w. photos & 1 fldg. map (Yarmouth, nd [c.1923?])

    Cunard, Samuel (1787-1865):
  • Samuel Cunard: Pioneer of the Atlantic Steamship; by Kay Grant (London: Abelard-Schuman, 1967).

    Cuthbertson, Brian (1936-2023): § With PANS, Cuthbertson has a Ph.D from Kings.
  • The Old Attorney General (Uniacke); (Halifax: Nimbus, 1980).
  • The Loyalist Governor (Wentworth); (Petheric Press, 1980).
  • See Jean Peterson's The Loyalist Guide wherein there is a well written 5 page intro. by Cuthbertson.

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