Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1703-05.

§Defoe is pilaried for his political pamphlet.
§Antoine the daughter of widow Louise Guyon is baptized at the little church in Port Royal (likely fathered by Bonaventure).
§August 10th, 1703: At Wells, a small settlement on the northwestern border of New England, innocent settlers, women, men and children are hacked to death by French led Indians.
§October 19th, 1703: Judith Maisonnat (nee Soubiran), wife of Baptiste, dies at Port Royal.
§Louis Damours is taken as a prisoner to Boston and is kept there until 1706.
§In was in 1703, a long lasting piece of litigation, back in France, as between the heirs of d'Auley/LaTour families and the heirs of the Duke De Vendome, comes to an end.
§During 1703, the heirs of La Tour are granted a seigneury.
§Nov 23rd -27th (OS), 1703: A Great storm in England, the worst of it being in the south-west; the fleets ran out to sea. After the storm all around the south of England great oaks and elms lay on the ground. The north was little effected.

§1704: In the depth of winter, the French and the Indians raid the English at Deerfield, Massachusetts.
§Aug 2/13, 1704: Marlborough's First Great Victory:
§1704: New England forces under Benjamin Church spend the spring and summer attacking and looting along the Acadian coasts. "On 20 June (1 July, NS.) the expediton reached Les Mines (Grand Pre). Church summoned the inhabitants to surrender, which they did. He then burned the town, broke open the dikes, and cut the crops. On the night of the 22d he captured Pigiguit and the next day took Cobequid." [DCB, vol. II, p. 146.] He then proceeded to Beaubassin and tore that place apart, again, just as he had done eight years previously, in 1696.
§1704: La Ronde, the privateer, is captured on the high sea and is taken as a prisoner to Boston.
§Aug, 1704: The English take Gibraltar from the Spanish.
§August of 1704: Father Trouve is buried at Chedabucto.
§December 18th, 1704; Brouillan sails for France.
§October 28th, 1704: John Locke, the Philosopher of Freedom dies in England.

§Summer, 1705: Goldolphin Ministry in England is put firmly in power as a result of a general election.
§1705: A 23 year old aspiring Jesuit,
Pierre Charlevoix, first comes to the New World, Quebec, there to take up his priestly duties. He stayed in Quebec at least up to 1708.
§In 1705, Captain Vetch, Samuel Hill, and William Dudley (the governor's young son) go to Quebec to negotiate for the return of prisoners.
§September 22, 1705: Brouillan (the French governor) on his way back to Port Royal from France dies at Chedabouctou.

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