Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1700-02.

§July 5, 1700: Villebon dies at Fort St. John. The French capital of Acadia reverts back to Port Royal and the French desert the St. John River.
§October 6th, 1700: Diereville departs Port Royal.
§November 9, 1700: Diereville arrives in France.
§November, 1700: Charles the II of Spain dies and leaves a will appointing Louis' (14th) grandson, his nephew, as the successor to the Spanish throne with the condition that if the arrangement was not sanctioned by Louis XIV then the whole of the Spanish Empire was to go to his other nephew, the Austrian, Charles. The world waited to hear from Louis.

§1701: With the opening of 1701, the Duke of Anjou of the House of Bourbon, the grandson of Louis XIV, enters Madrid to take the throne of an intact Spain.
§February, 1701: French troops pour into the Spanish Netherlands and occupy all the fortresses including Nieuport and Ostend opposite the English coast: this news comes as a thunderclap to the English.
§1701: England's military forces are increased.
§1701: With the Stuart line about to come to an end, a new Act of Succession is laid before the house which allowed for no king or queen unless he or she be in communion with the Church of England.
§1701: A new French governor,
Brouillan arrives at Port Royal to rebuild its fortifications.
§Cadillac establishes Fort Ponchartrain in 1701 and plants the germ of the city of Detroit.
§September, 7th, 1701: The Treaty of Grand Alliance between the English the Dutch and the Germans is signed.
§September, 1701: France prohibits the importation of all British manufactured goods into France.
§November, 1701: The British parliament is dissolved an election ensues and by January 1702 a new house meets and, as a whole, is strongly in support of war.
§1701: Kidd's sentence of death was carried out in 1701. Kidd had been arrested by the English authorities and transported back to England and there tried as a pirate.

§March 8, 1702: William III having taken a fall from his horse a couple of weeks earlier, dies; and Queen Anne takes the throne of England.
§The Abjuration Act of 1702 calling on all who hold posts in church or state to deny the theory of divine hereditary.
§April 23rd (
OS), 1702: Queen Anne is crowed at Westminster amongst to the approval of the shouting multitudes.
§May 4/15, 1702: With the hearty concurrence of both houses of Parliament, war was proclaimed in front of St. James' Palace gate; the same day it is declared in Holland (The War of the Spanish Succession; Queen Anne's War).
§The Treaty of Grand Alliance is ratified with the consent of the English Parliament. The number of soldiers to be supplied by England to the war effort was to be 40,000 - 18,000 to be British and the remainder foreigners in English pay. It was determined that 40,000 English seaman were needed to man the fleet and the naval press gangs were let loose on the merchant ships and the seaboard towns.
§1702: Marlborough expels the French from the Maas and Lower Rhine.

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