Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1706-08.

§May 12/23, 1706: Marlborough defeats the French at Ramillies.
§Costebelle is appointed governor at Placentia and shortly thereafter marries.
§La Ronde, the privateer, comes to Boston on the business of prisoner exchange.
§Baptiste is released at Boston and returns to Beaubassin.
§Louis Damours is released as a prisoner at Boston and returns to Port Royal.
§October, 1706: Subercase arrives and takes up his duties as governor at Port Royal.
§During 1706, Jean-Chrysotome Loppinot is granted a seigneury at Cape Forchu (Yarmouth).

§By the Union Act of 1706, Scotland and England were formed into one country, Great Britain. There is widespread opposition to the bill; the
Jacobites raise their heads once again.
§January 12th, 1707: Baptiste, marries the widow, Marguerite Bourgeois at Beaubassin.
§1707: Bonaventure's wife, Jeanne Janniere, comes to Port Royal.
§In June and then again in August of 1707 Colonel John March of New England lays siege to Port Royal.
§August, 1707: Morpain sails into Port Royal with two prizes in tow, one a slave-ship and the other ladened with foodstuffs.
§October 31st, 1707; Castin (jr.) marries, at Port Royal, Marie Charlotte (b.1690), the daughter of Louis Damour. It should be noted that Louis Damours was released as a prisoner at Boston, in 1707.
§1707: Baptiste is released at Boston and returns to Beaubassin.
§During 1707, Francois de Beauharnois de La Boische, Baron de Beauville (Intendant of New France) is granted a seigneury at Port Maltais (Port Medway); this would be the last seigneury granted in Acadia.

§Mar, 1708: The French make an attempt to land the pretender on the shores of Scotland, but are frightened off by the ever vigilant British navy.
§May, 1708: A general election in the new United kingdom, the first when both Scotland and England went to the polls at the same time.
§July 11, 1708 (
NS): Marlborough's victory at Oudenarde.
§Sep, 1708: Port Mahon in the Island of Minorca is taken by the British.
§Early in 1708, La Loire, a French man-of-war, arrives at Port Royal.
§May 9, 1708: Louis Damours (Louise Guyon's brother-in-law) is buried at Port Royal.
§Louise Guyon leaves Port Royal and returns to Quebec.
§1708, summer: Subercase considerably improves the defences at Port Royal.

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