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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1630-32.

§The establishment of the Massachusetts colony of Puritans under John Winthrop.
§The first English pirate to be working the Acadian waters was a man by the name of Dixy Bull.
§Claude La Tour, arrives in Acadia from England with his new wife. An altercation breaks out between father and son.
§1630: Two French vessels, having set sail from Bordeaux, arrive late in the season "with supplies, arms, and ammunition for the new fort at Grand Cibou, in Cape Breton, and for Fort Louis at Port La Tour."
§1630: Charles La Tour erects "a strong fort at the mouth of the St. John River, where there was a powerful tribe of Indians, which would serve the double purpose of repelling the intrusions of the English in that direction, and would give the French at the same time command of the whole peltry trade of that vast wilderness, which extended to the River St. Lawrence."
§1630: Sir William (the younger) returns to England leaving Sir George Home in charge of the Scottish settlement, established at Port Royal in 1628.

§February 11th, 1631: Charles La Tour receives a commission as the "King's lieutenant-general in Acadia."
§April, 1631: "A well stocked" vessel is sent to Fort St. Louis; the fort at Cape Breton is also supplied.
§July, 1631: Sir William is informed by his king that he has made an arrangement with the French king which calls for the handback of Acadia to the French.

§March 29th, 1632: The Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye was signed with one of its provisions being that Acadia should be restored to France.
§September 8th, 1632:
Isaac de Razilly, accompanied with his cousin Charles de Menou d'Aulnay, his nephew, Claude de Razilly, and by the Denys brothers, Nicholas and Simon; they had come to reclaim Acadia for France and determined to headquarter themselves at LaHave on the south shore of Nova Scotia.
§The Scottish fort, Fort Charles with the arrival of de Razilly, in 1632, is surrendered up.

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