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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1627-29.

§The Company of 100 Associates is formed in 1627.
§June, 1627: The port of La Rochelle closed as Richelieu brings the Calvinists to terms through the siege.

§England's Petition of Right (1628).
§It was in 1628, maybe 1629, that the Scotsman, Sir William Alexander establishes a colony, the remains of which lie at the base of the existing structure of Fort Anne at present day Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. This Scottish effort failed; and, by 1632, their fort was deserted to become occupied by the French within a few years, thereafter.
§Spring, 1628: Four ships are sent from France laden with supplies for both Quebec and Cape Sable (Fort Lomeron). Claude LaTour is aboard one of French ships. The French ships along with Claude La Tour are captured by the English led by the Kirke brothers. Claude LaTour is brought to London.

§April 23rd, 1629: England and France enter into a treaty, the Treaty of Susa.
Lewis and Thomas Kirke, the "piratical brothers," in 1629, capture "Quebec and the St Lawrence River trade."
§In 1629, Sir William Alexander, Jr. comes over in company with the Kirke brothers. The Scottish settlement at Port aux Baleines (Cape Breton) was established, known as Lord Ochiltree's settlement. From there Alexander sailed for Port Royal.
§June 26, 1629: Captain Charles Daniel making for Quebec, is driven to shore by a storm and seeks refuge at St. Ann's Bay, Cape Breton. Daniel builds there a fort, Fort Sainte-Anne "with dwelling, a chapel, and a magazine."
§September 8th 1629: Daniel attacks Lord Ochiltree's settlement, capturing the fort and taking colonists prisoner.

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