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Isaac de Razilly "STUCK IN A FRAME"
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It may be that historians have recorded Champlain as the father of Quebec: when speaking of Acadia, however, this label likely best be put on de Razilly.

Isaac de Razilly was born among the French nobility at the Château d'Oiseaumelle in the Touraine country of France (which could be starkly compared to the scene of his death 48 years later at LaHave, in Acadia).

A life long bachelor, de Razilly was to became a high ranking French naval officer. At one point in one of his battles off the coast of La Rochelle, he lost an eye when a vessel blew up. By 1626, de Razilly had made such a name for himself that he was being consulted by no less of an important person than Cardinal Richelieu, himself.

It was de Razilly who was chosen to reclaim Acadia, a hand over from the English which came about as a result of The Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye (1632). He came ashore at LeHeve on September 8th, 1632 and built Fort Sainte-Marie-de-Grace.

De Razilly died suddenly at La Hève in December 1635, and for Acadia it was tragic loss. The communities in Acadia, in their first formative years were lovingly attended to by de Razilly and though he died while she was but a mere sapling - Acadia was to grow strong, full and straight.


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