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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1633-35.

§The Dutch settle at spot a which now marks Hartford on the Connecticut River.
§In the summer of 1633 more ships came to LaHave with men and supplies.

§Lord Baltimore founds Maryland.
§In England the trials of the "Lancashire Witches".
§In 1634, Claude de Razilli, the brother of Isaac, received a grant of Port Royal from the Company of New France.

§New Hampshire is granted to Captain John Mason.
§In 1635 the company of New France granted the 'fort and habitation of Latour,' on the St. John River, to Charles Latour.
§January 15th, 1635: Charles La Tour removes part of his establishment from Cape Sable to the River St. John (the fort had been erected five years before in 1630).
§July 31st, 1635: Jean Thomas leads the first revolt in America at Fort Saint-François, Canso.
§Nicholas Denys who had come over with de Razilly in 1632, "towards the end of 1635" was in France "recruiting settlers".
§December, 1635: Issac de Razilly dies at LaHave.
§December 25th, 1635: Champlain dies at Quebec. Quebec is yet but a small colony of 150 settlers even though Champlain had founded the colony 27 years earlier, in 1608; this is to be compared with Boston which had been founded but five years earlier, in 1630, with a population (1635) of 2,000.

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