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The Snake Mouth (Rose Pogonia) (Pogonia ophioglossoides)

Another of Nova Scotia's beautiful little orchids. Like the Grass Pink, the Snake Mouth is to be discovered in acidic bogs, which are in plenty in Nova Scotia. This little pink beauty sits alone on the top of a slender stem with a single lance-shaped or elliptical leaf part way up. The blossom has a showy lip petal spotted with a darker pink with yellow or whitish hairs, and which, is fringed or frilly. It has three pink sepals, trillium like in the back, the whole being held in a leaf like bract. The Snake Mouth is to be compared with the Dragon's Mouth or Bog Rose (Arethusa bulbosa) which is similar, except, while in flower, the pink blossom sits on top of a leafless stem; further the lip petal is not as fringed or frilly as the Snake Mouth.)

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Snake Mouth Orchid


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