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blupete's Nature Page

This jump off page will lead one into the world of nature.

blupete's Essay on Nature:
  • A compilation of quotes, for example, Conrad: "Look! The beauty [of the butterfly] - but that is nothing - look at the accuracy, the harmony. And so fragile! And so strong! And so exact! This is Nature - the balance of colossal forces. Every star is so - and every blade of grass stands so - and the mighty Kosmos in perfect equilibrium produces - this. This wonder; this masterpiece of Nature - the great artist."

    blupete's Essay on Thoreau:
  • Thoreau was stimulated by the natural things he found in life; he shunned the artificial. The manufactured collections that most of us work on through our lives are bogus -- and costly: we sweat, we labour, we toil, we worry: and we rarely ask ourselves to what purpose? Happily for Thoreau, and for all of us, a ticket to nature is free. For Thoreau the answer was to live happily and simply. For Thoreau, this could not only be done inexpensively, but only could be done, indeed, if one lived simply, with few possessions.

  • Here, on this page, one will learn of the wildflowers of Nova Scotia with photographs by blupete: learn of the Beach Pea, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Sailors, Butter-and-Eggs, Chicory, Clintonia, Coltsfoot, Paintbrush, Primrose, Fireweed, Ground Holly, Hat Pins, Jack-in-the Pulpit, Lady's Slippers, Loosestrife, Mayflower, Nightshade, Native Orchids, Pussy-Toes, Queen Ann's Lace, Rattlebox, Native Rhodora, Sea Rocket, Sundew, Thistle, Trillium, Native Violet, Native Water Lilies, Yarrow, and others.

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    Peter Landry