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Dates & Events During The Life Of
John Keats

  • John Keats was born.
  • April 16th: Keats' father dies.
  • The Hunt brothers establish a political weekly, the Examiner.
  • John Murray founds the Quarterly Review, with William Gifford as its editor.
  • June 27th: Keats' mother dies of tuberculosis.
  • Keats leaves school and is apprenticed to Mr. Hammond, a surgeon.
  • February 3rd: The Hunt brothers are convicted of libeling the Prince Regent and are sent off to prison for two years.
  • News comes to England of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow; and, his struggle to retain hold of central Europe.
  • Southey becomes Poet Laureate and is so until 1843.
  • April: Paris is captured and Bonaparte abdicates.
  • February 3rd: The prison terms of both Hunt brothers end.
  • October; Keats enters Guy's Hospital at London for training; remains there for six months.
  • March 1st, Napoleon returns from Elba and the "Hundred Days" begin.
  • June 18th, The Battle of Waterloo.
  • Unemployed ex-servicemen walk the streets.
  • April: Keats leaves Guy's Hospital so to devote his full time to poetry.
  • December 1st: Hunt writes in his Examiner on "Young Poets," including those now in his circle, Shelley and Keats.
  • April-August: Leading the life of a itinerant poet, and, while traveling along the south coast of England, Keats writes Books I and II of Endymion, his first major work.
  • April 17th: At Isle of Wight. "On the Sea -- It keeps eternal Whisperings around ..."
  • May 10th: At Margate. Writing to Hunt and Shelley. "Does Shelley go on telling strange Stories of the Death of Kings?"
  • May 13th: Still at Margate. Writing to Haydon. "I read and write about eight hours a day."
  • September: Keats spends time with Bailey at Oxford and writes Book III of Endymion.
  • October 8th: Now at Hampstead.
  • October: John Gibson Lockhart, then, but age 23, at Edinburgh, with his platform being Blackwood's Magazine, a Tory magazine, fulminates against "The Cockney School of Poetry."
  • November 22nd: Writes letters to John Reynolds and Benjamin Bailey: "My Brother Tom is much improved -- he is going to Devonshire -- whither I shall follow him."
  • December, Keats meets Wordsworth for the first time at Haydon's; likely this was on Sunday, the 28th, at one of the most famous dinner party of all times; it was held at Haydon's painting room, at his house in St. John's Wood, then "a bohemian suburb of London."
  • December 21st: John is writing his brothers who are now located at Teignmouth. John's letter is dated at Hampstead.
  • January 5th: John, it is to be seen by his letters, is at London and writing his brothers who are in the south of England, at Teignmouth. Now revising his Endymion. Attends Hazlitt's lectures. He is also getting together with Wordsworth, Lamb, and others.
  • January 23rd: At London: "I have sent my first book [Endymion] to the Press."
  • February 21st: Still at London and writes his brothers at Teignmouth.
  • March: Shelley leaves for Italy.
  • March 13th: Now at Teignmouth with his brothers.
  • April 8th: Still at Teignmouth. His brother Tom is getting "greatly better." Now making plans for a pedestrian tour through Scotland.
  • May 3rd: Still at Teignmouth.
  • May 25th: Now back at Hampstead. Keats' brother George departs for America.
  • June 10th: Keats at London
  • June 27th: Keats now in the north of England, the Lake District.
  • July 1st: At Carlisle.
  • July 14th: At Glasgow.
  • July 18th: At Inverary.
  • July 26th: "We had a most wretched walk of 37 miles across the Island of Mull."
  • August 6th: At Inverness and feeling sick.
  • August 18th: After a nine day sail from Inverness, back at London.
  • From the correspondence it seems that John was at Hampstead throughout the fall of the year generally nursing his brother Tom who died that December.
  • February 14th: "I am still at Wentworth Place -- indeed I have kept in doors lately, resolved if possible to rid myself of my sore throat."
  • July 1st: By this date at Shanklin, Isle of Wight.
  • August 14th: Now located at Winchester, he and Brown.
  • October: Still at Winchester.
  • November 17th: Writes his publisher from Wentworth Place (Hampstead).
  • January 13th: Writing brother George's wife (Georgiana) who is in America. Brother George is in London on a visit.
  • February 4th: Writing from his sick bed to Fanny Brawne, who is but next door -- Wentworth Place.
  • February 10th: Writes to Fanny Brawne: "On the night I was taken ill -- when so violent a rush of blood came to my Lungs that I felt nearly suffocated ..."
  • February, nd: Letter to Fanny Brawne: "I am recommended not even to read poetry, much less write it."
  • May 4th: Letter to sister Fanny: "I went for the first time into the City the day before yesterday ..."
  • May: Moves from Wentworth Place to Wesleyan Place, Kentish Town.
  • June 23rd: Expecting his new book to be out within the week (Lamia, Isabella, etc.). "I set myself to come to town, but was not able for just as I was setting out yesterday morning a slight spitting of blood came on which returned rather copiously at night."
  • July 5th: Letter to Fanny Brawne: "They talk of my going to Italy."
  • August: Receives invitation from Shelley to come to Italy.
  • September 11th: Letter to sister Fanny dated at Hampstead.
  • September 28th: Letter to Charles Browne. Keats and Severn now aboard the Maria Crowther, "off Yarmouth isle of wight."
  • October 21st: Arrive at Naples Harbour.
  • November 30th: Rome. A letter to his friend Charles Browne who is back in England. Anticipates the worst, bids goodbye to all.
  • February 23rd: Keats dies in Italy.
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