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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 31, Newspapers In Nova Scotia

FN1 Ch31 The Halifax Gazette, as Brebner explained was "a typical colonial weekly newspaper which, except for official notices, advertisements, record of ship movements, and five to ten lines of colourless local items, consisted entirely of material reprinted from English and Colonial papers." [The Neutral Yankees (1937) (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1970), p. 136.]

FN2 Ch31 Incidentally, there is no surviving copy of the Nova Scotia Gazette to be found in Canada.

FN3 Ch31 The Halifax Journal was sold to John Munroe (1788-1863) who carried on with the paper until 1850 at which time Munro sold it to William Penny.

FN4 Ch31 See J. J. Stewart, "Early Journalism in Nova Scotia," NSHS, #6, p. 120.

FN5 Ch31 Murdoch, vol. 3, p. 522.

FN6 Ch31 Joseph Chisholm gave an accounting of the The Pearl, a journal "devoted to polite literature, science and religion." ("John Sparrow Thompson," NSHS, #26, p. 9.)

FN7 Ch31 See, Punch, "Halifax Town: The Census of 1838", NSHQ, #6:3, fn 30 @ p. 257.

FN8 Ch31 See Marion Robertson's "The Loyalist Printers: James and Alexander Robertson" NSHR, #3:1; and see Stewart, "Early Journalism in Nova Scotia," NSHS, #6, p. 121.

FN9 Ch31 "John Sparrow Thompson," NSHS, #26, p. 11.

FN10 Ch31 The Times was a conservative pro-government newspaper; Novascotian was its rival. (Dan Bunbury, "Scandal and Reform: The Treasure's Office in Nova Scotia, 1845-1860," NSHR, #15:2, p. 58.

FN11 Ch31 Akins, "History of Halifax City," NSHS, #8, p. 185. Holland was "brought to the bar of the house in custody -- apologized -- was reprimanded, and dismissed. It seems that Mr. Holland's crime was that he subjected a Mr. Mortimer to a "jocose critique" in his paper, the Acadia Recorder." (Edward Mortimer, in 1819, was returned as a member from the town of Halifax). (See Murdoch at vol. 3, p. 404-6 & 429.)

FN12 Ch31 Ibid.

FN13 Ch31 Murdoch, vol. 3, p. 397.

FN14 Ch31 R. H. McDonald, "Nova Scotia and the Reciprocity Negotiations, 1846-1854: A Re-Interpretation," NSHQ, #7:3, p. 227.

FN15 Ch31 Report of Sir John Harvey, October 18th, 1848, as found in "Report of the Boards of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1947," p. 38.

FN16 Ch31 C. H. Johnson, "Halifax under the Eye of the 'Guardian', 1838-41" NSHS, #30, p. 207.

FN17 Ch31 See, generally, James M. Cameron, "Fenian Times in Nova Scotia (1866)," NSHS, #37. For further information on these early papers, see: "Early Journalism in Nova Scotia," (Covering the period from 1752-1810) by J. J. Stewart, NSHS, #6; and see, Eaton, History of the County of Kings (Mass: Salem Press, 1910), pp. 405-9.


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