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An Index of the Articles Contained in the
Nova Scotia Historical Review

NSHR, Volume #1, No. 1 (1981):
  • "The Earl of Halifax and the Settlement of Nova Scotia"; by Steven G. Greiert; NSHR#1:1(1981); 20 pp.
  • "And They Shall Devour Israel"; by John G. Leefe; Perkins, Liverpool, Blonde; NSHR#1:1(1981); 9 pp.
  • "Robert Murray Tackles Confederation"; by E. M. Stevenson; Murray "was for True Religion, Free Schools and Total Abstinence; against Popery, Puseyism, Sabbath desecration and Vice of all kinds"; NSHR#1:1(1981); 6 pp.
  • "The Town of Yarmouth: 1867 and 1923"; by Kenneth Winter; NSHR#1:1(1981); 11 pp.
  • "Where Did They Come From and Where Did They Go?"; by M. Noreen E. Gray; The tramps of the depression (1930s); NSHR#1:1(1981); 4 pp.
  • "The Micmac Indian Petroglyphs: Evidence of Self/Nature Concept Changes"; by Alice Taylor Cheska; NSHR#1:1(1981); 13 pp.
  • "The Blackadar Family of Halifax"; by Charles St. Clair Stayner; NSHR#1:1(1981); 6 pp.
  • "A Census of Yarmouth and Barrington Townships, 1762"; NSHR#1:1(1981); 6 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #1, No. 2 (1981):
  • "Early Money in Nova Scotia: A Short History of Currency, Exchange and Finance"; by Donald H. Flick; NSHR#1:2(1981); 12 pp.
  • "The Survey Plan of Cornwallis Township, Kings County"; by Ernest L. Eaton; The New England Planters (1761-65); Eaton reconstructs things from the old deeds found at the registry; NSHR#1:2(1981); 18 pp.
  • "A Microcosm within the Canadian Mosaic: Researching and Writing a Local History in Nova Scotia"; by Philip L Hartling; This is a valuable starting point for anyone who wants to start in on the history of Nova Scotia; a valuable bibliography appended, general and under specific headings such as mining, fisheries, schools, genealogy; NSHR#1:2(1981); 16 pp.
  • "Sir Isaac Coffin [1759-1839] and the Halifax Dockyard 'Scandal'"; by James E. Candow; NSHR#1:2(1981); 14 pp.
  • "The First American Conquest: Acadia, 1710-1760"; by Malcolm MacLeod; John Dick and the protestant immigrants 1750-52; Lunenburg and Tatamagouche; NSHR#1:2(1981); 10 pp.
  • "George Tattrie: A Nova Scotian Pioneer from Montbeliard"; by Gordon M. Haliburton; NSHR#1:2(1981); 17 pp.
  • "A Tattrie Line of Descent"; by Gordon M. Haliburton; NSHR#1:2(1981); pp.
  • "Poll Book for the County of Annapolis, 1786"; The election of November, 1785; the contest at Annapolis between David Seabury (Loyalist) and Alexander Howe [youngest son of a Nova Scotian hero, Edward Howe (1702-1750) who was of invaluable assistance to Cornwallis in the establishment of the English within the province, and who (Edward), lost his life in the battle against the French when his son was but one year old]; the epic struggle between the newcomers who had fled the American Revolution to Nova Scotia and the established settlers whom they found there; NSHR#1:2(1981); 19 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #2, No. 1 (1982):
  • "Jane Soley Hamilton, Midwife"; by Joan Elizabeth Kennedy; NSHR#2:1(1982); 24 pp.
  • "The Most Famous Rum-Runner of Them Al"; by Robert Webb; NSHR#2:1(1982); 14 pp.
  • "Captain John Harris of Clements"; by Leone Banks Cousins; NSHR#2:1(1982); 13 pp.
  • "Western Pioneers from Halifax, 1883"; by Jean Petley-Jones; NSHR#2:1(1982); 6 pp.
  • "Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth: School Readers from a Century Ago"; by Judith Ann Evans; NSHR#2:1(1982); 11 pp.
  • "Where Currant Bushes Grew: An Introduction to the Sackville Fultzes"; by Robert Paton Harvey; NSHR#2:1(1982); 12 pp.
  • "The Fultz Family of Sackville, Halifax County: A Case Study to 1881"; by Louis Y. Kernaghan and Terrence M. Punch; NSHR#2:1(1982); 21 pp.
  • "List of Sydney Area Labourers, 1785 and 1786"; DesBarres; NSHR#2:1(1982); 6 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #2, No. 2 (1982):
  • "Nat Butler and Burns Pierce: Nova Scotian Heroes of the Cycle Tracks"; by Heather M. Watts; 1893-1906; NSHR#2:2(1982); 5 pp.
  • "As Others Saw Us: Nova Scotian Travel Literature from the 1770s to the 1860s"; by Paulette M. Chiasson; NSHR#2:2(1982); 16 pp.
  • "The Journal of Nathaniel T. W. Carrington: A Barbados Planter's Visit to Nova Scotia in 1837"; by James C. Brandow; NSHR#2:2(1982); 15 pp.
  • "American Tourism in Nova Scotia, 1871-1940"; by James H. Morrison; NSHR#2:2(1982); 12 pp.
  • "Fort Sainte-Marie-de-Grace, LaHave, Nova Scotia: 350 Years of History"; by Joan E. Dawson; de Razilly; NSHR#2:2(1982); 13 pp.
  • "Helping Unheeded: Newfoundland's Relief Effort and the Historiography of the Halifax Explosion, 1917"; by Malcolm MacLeod; NSHR#2:2(1982); 4 pp.
  • "Piper John MacKay and Roderick McLennan: A Tale of Two Immigrants and Their Incomplete Genealogy"; by John G. Gibson; NSHR#2:2(1982); 14 pp.
  • "LaHave in the Late Seventeenth Century: A Comparison of the 1686 and 1683 Census Returns"; by Joan E. Dawson; NSHR#2:2(1982); 13 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #3, No. 1 (1983):
  • "The Shelburne Loyalists"; by Mary Archibald; NSHR#3:1(1983); 16 pp.
  • "The Port Roseway Associates"; by Marion Robertson; Loyalists; NSHR#3:1(1983); 30 pp.
  • "The Antigonish Highland Games: A Community's Involvement in the Scottish Festival of Eastern Canada"; by Alyce Taylor Cheska; NSHR#3:1(1983); 13 pp.
  • "There's No Life like It: Reminiscences of Lightkeeping on Sambro Island"; by Barbara Shaw; NSHR#3:1(1983); 7 pp.
  • "David George: Black Loyalist"; by Kathleen Tudor; NSHR#3:1(1983); 12 pp.
  • "The Loyalist Printers: James and Alexander Robertson"; by Marion Robertson; NSHR#3:1(1983); 11 pp.
  • "The Barrington Robertsons"; by Herbert R. Banks; NSHR#3:1(1983); 18 pp.
  • "Court of General Sessions of the Peace, Shelburne County: Selected Documents"; NSHR#3:1(1983); 3 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #3, No. 2 (1983):
  • "Some of North Sydneys's Loyalists"; by Elva E. Jackson; NSHR#3:2(1983); 18 pp.
  • "A Loyalist Crucible: Digby, Nova Scotia, 1783-92"; by D. Peter MacLellan; NSHR#3:2(1983); 16 pp.
  • "The Life of Loyalist Colonel James DeLancey"; by George DeLancey Hanger; NSHR#3:2(1983); 18 pp.
  • "Some Valley Loyalists"; by Leone Banks Cousins; NSHR#3:2(1983); 14 pp.
  • "Loyalist Squire, Loyalist Church"; by Susan Burgess Shenstone; NSHR#3:2(1983); 18 pp.
  • "The Moody Families of Weymouth and Yarmouth"; by John Wentworth Moody; NSHR#3:2(1983); 23 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #4, No. 1 (1984):
  • "The Evacuation of the Loyalists from New York in 1783"; by Esther Clark Wright; NSHR#4:1(1984); 22 pp.
  • "The Belleisle Marsh and a Cavalcade of History"; by Jean Petley-Jones; Annapolis River; NSHR#4:1(1984); 10 pp.
  • "Trees, Treaties and the Timing of Settlement: A Comparison of the Lumber Industry in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1784-1867"; by Barbara R. Robertson; NSHR#4:1(1984); 20 pp.
  • "Elizabethan English on Nova Scotia's South Shore"; by Lewis J. Poteet; The peculiar language of certain Nova Scotians; NSHR#4:1(1984); 8 pp.
  • "Memories of Hillside Hall"; by Emmalee Hopkins; The historic building at 5252 South Street, Halifax; NSHR#4:1(1984); 4 pp.
  • "'A Duke's Mixture': From Rudolph to Lamb"; by Kathleen Allen Parkman Lamb; Genealogical material; NSHR#4:1(1984); 16 pp.
  • "Voyage from LaHave: A Journal of Summer, 1684"; by Joan Dawson; NSHR#4:1(1984); 15 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #4, No. 2 (1984):
  • "Henry Alline (1748-1784)"; by Barry Cahill; NSHR#4:2(1984); 2 pp.
  • "The Death of Henry Alline: Some Contemporary Reactions"; by D. G. Bell; NSHR#4:2(1984); 6 pp.
  • "Henry Alline's 'Articles & Conventions of a Gospel Church"; by Frederick C. Burnett; NSHR#4:2(1984); 12 pp.
  • "Early Maritime Baptists"; by Robert Gardner; NSHR#4:2(1984); 13 pp.
  • "Maritime Methodists and Black Bermudians, 1851-1870"; by Graeme S. Mount; NSHR#4:2(1984); 12 pp.
  • "The Reverend Robert Jamison [1808-84]: 'An Humble Ambassador"; by Philip L. Hartling; Jeddore; NSHR#4:2(1984); 15 pp.
  • "All Things New: The Transformation of Maritime Baptist Historiography"; by D. G. Bell; NSHR#4:2(1984); 13 pp.
  • "Loyalists Brothers: John and James Mann"; by Nellie Fox; Genealogical material; NSHR#4:2(1984); 7 pp.
  • "Ministre des Etrangers Suisses Allemands': A Halifax Letter of 21 September 1750"; by Barry Cahill; Alderney; NSHR#4:2(1984); 6 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #5, No. 1 (1985):
  • "Anybody here from the West?"; by Kay Piersdorff; WWII & Halifax; NSHR#5:1(1985); 10 pp.
  • "'Sleepless and veiled am I': An East Coast Canadian Port Revisited"; by Jay White; WII & Halifax; NSHR#5:1(1985); 16 pp.
  • "A Saga of the Caribou"; by Howard K. Yorke; WWII & the seeking of the Cabot Strait passenger ferry Caribou by a German torpedo, October 14th, 1942 (the author, a bank manager at the time, was aboard the Caribou at the critical time); NSHR#5:1(1985); 6 pp.
  • "Naval Footnotes: Gunshield Graffiti"; by Thomas G. Lynch; The unofficial ship badges of the Canadian Navy during WWII; NSHR#5:1(1985); 6 pp.
  • "The Doucets of St. Mary's Bay: Community Leaders amongst an Uprooted People"; by Neil J. Boucher; The return of the Acadians, 1768; Genealogical material; NSHR#5:1(1985); 6 pp.
  • "The Siege of Annapolis Royal, 1744"; by Bernard Pothier; The Journal of Duviver; NSHR#5:1(1985); 14 pp.
  • "The Life and Death of the Cumberland Coal Mines"; by Hope V. Harrison; NSHR#5:1(1985); 12 pp.
  • "Kirkpatrick of Kirkhill and Crossroads, Nova Scotia"; by Robert Kirkpatrick; Genealogical material; NSHR#5:1(1985); 14 pp.
  • "The Governor's Goods: The Inventories of the Personal Property of Issac de Razilly"; by Joan Dawson; NSHR#5:1(1985); 14 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #5, No. 2 (1985):
  • "DesBarres the Founder"; by Robert J. Morgan; NSHR#5:2(1985); 10 pp.
  • "DesBarres and His Contemporaries as Mapmakers"; by Stephen B. MacPhee; NSHR#5:2(1985); 14 pp.
  • "DesBarres the Town Planner"; by Douglas B. Foster; NSHR#5:2(1985); 12 pp.
  • "'A most eccentric genius': The Private Life of J. F. W. DesBarres"; by Lois K. Kernaghan; NSHR#5:2(1985); 20 pp.
  • "An Apostolic Visit to Cape Breton in 1812"; by Brian D. Tennyson; The Bishop of Quebec to visit the eastern edges of his bishopric, including P.E.I., Cheticamp, Port Hood, Arichat; Acadian wedding dress (ribbons): NSHR#5:2(1985); 14 pp.
  • "Montbéliard: An Unknown Homeland"; by Terrence M. Punch; Punch, in his usual helpful way has appended to his short article, a list of the "Montbéliard Immigrants to Nova Scotia, 1750-1752"; Genealogical material; NSHR#5:2(1985); 18 pp.
  • "Jacob Ueltschi and Family: Nova Scotia Pioneers from Switzerland"; by Barry Cahill; The "foreign protestants and the immigration of the 1750s; Genealogical material; 8NSHR#5:2(1985); 24 pp.
  • "'You come late Monsieur Le'Governor, why you not come before?'"; by Mary Ellen Wright; Concerns itself with a letter written in 1811 by DesBarres' daughter, Isabella to her friend and is an accounting of "what it was like for an English gentlewoman to encounter the realities of homesteading in the colonies ..."; 6 pp. - No book review section in this ed.; NSHR#5:2(1985).

    NSHR, Volume #6, No. 1 (1986):
  • "The Charter Membership of the Charitable Irish Society"; A listing of the charter members who met for the first time on 17 January, 1786, at the Golden Ball Tavern, Halifax; Genealogical material; NSHR#6:1(1986); 8 pp.
  • "Black Beans, Banners and Banquets: The Charitable Irish Society of Halifax at Two hundred"; by Robert P. Harvey; "Partial Passenger List of the Cumberland, 1827; Genealogical material; NSHR#6:1(1986); 20 pp.
  • "The D'Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies, Saint Mary's University"; by Cyril J. Byrne; NSHR#6:1(1986); 5 pp.
  • "Finding the Irish"; by Terrence M. Punch; NSHR#6:1(1986); 22 pp.
  • "A Letter of Father William Phelan, 1786"; by Cyril J. Byrne; NSHR#6:1(1986); 12 pp.
  • "Father William Phelan: An Irish Trouble-Maker in Arichat"; by Phyllis C. Wagg; NSHR#6:1(1986); 13 pp.
  • "'Poverty, wretchedness, and misery':" The great Famine in Cape Breton, 1845-1851; by Robert J. Morgan; NSHR#6:1(1986); 17 pp.
  • "A Scottish Baronet's Petition of 1790 for His Ancestral Lands in Cape Breton"; by F. K. Donnelly; NSHR#6:1(1986); 2 pp.
  • "The Effect of the Catholic Missionaries on the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia, 1610-1986"; by Katherine J. Brooks; NSHR#6:1(1986); 9 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #6, No. 2 (1986):
  • "The Coast Railway: 'Tom Robertson's Wheelbarrow Railroad"; by Herbert R. Banks; 1893; NSHR#6:2(1986); 6 pp.
  • "The Athol Went A-Whaling"; by Hattie A. Perry; The Athol was "a 400-ton square rigged, three masted sailing vessel which had been especially built for the whaling trade." During 1845 she set sail from her home port, St. John, N. B., and was not to return for four years. This article is based on the diary of James D. Coffin of Barrington, N. S., the captain of the Athol; NSHR#6:2(1986); 6 pp.
  • "William Mackay, the Invisible Mapmaker"; by Walter K. Morrison; The mapping of Nova Scotia (Annapolis County), 1834; NSHR#6:2(1986); 14 pp.
  • "Nautical Instrument-Makers in Atlantic Canada"; by Randall C. Brooks; NSHR#6:2(1986); 18 pp.
  • "This Dark Vale of Sorrow"; by Graeme Wynn; This is a story about one of the "residents of Mount Thom, Pictou county, c.1850; Abiel Brown, cordwainer and shoemaker; NSHR#6:2(1986); 8 pp.
  • "Summerfield, a Coach Inn"; by M. Noreen E. Gray; ('Summerfield was situated 25 miles outside the city of Halifax, on the eastern shore of Grand Lake. This was a popular stopover point on The Old Post Road which made up part of the main overland coach route Truro and Pictou." This is a sketch of Nova Scotia in the mid 1800s.); NSHR#6:2(1986); 4 pp.
  • "The History of the Nova Scotia Railway"; by Annie Wallace; NSHR#6:2(1986); 6 pp.
  • "Joe Howe: Faithful to the Nova Scotia Cause"; by Robert H. Pineo; NSHR#6:2(1986); 10 pp.
  • "In Search of the Promised Land: The Cannon/Canning Family of Cumberland County"; by Oedlite C. Juvelis and Lois K. Kernaghan; Genealogical material; NSHR#6:2(1986); 22 pp.
  • "'Mr Desbarres - Description of Nova Scotia,' circa 1763"; NSHR#6:2(1986); 15 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #7, No. 1 (1987):
  • "'Danger ... of famishing in grace': The Idea of an America Episcopate, from Inception to Execution"; by Philip G. A. Griffin-Allwood; NSHR#7:1(1987); 17 pp.
  • "Charles Inglis and the Anglican Clergy of Loyalist New Brunswick"; by D. G. Bell; NSHR#7:1(1987); 23 pp.
  • "Charles Inglis and John Wesley: Church of England and Methodist Relations in Nova Scotia in the Late Eighteenth Century"; by Allen B. Robertson; NSHR#7:1(1987); 16 pp.
  • "The Reverend John Hamilton Rowland of Revolutionary America and Early Shelburne"; by Otto Lohrenz; NSHR#7:1(1987); 19 pp.
  • "'Soul-chearing doctrines': Universalism in Nineteenth-Century Nova Scotia"; by Heather M. Watts; NSHR#7:1(1987); 17 pp.
  • "Jacob Norton: The Forgotten Christian of Atlantic Baptist History"; by Roland K. McCormick; NSHR#7:1(1987); 6 pp.
  • "The Barto Families from 'Up the Bay' and Passamaquoddy Areas of the Bay of Fundy"; by Marion D. Oldershaw; Genealogical material; NSHR#7:1(1987); 18 pp.
  • "A Tory-Loyalist Doctor's Prescription for Nova Scotia, 1784"; NSHR#7:1(1987); 7 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #7, No. 2 (1987):
  • "Bessie Hall, Master Mariner"; by Catherine Campbell; c.1870; NSHR#7:2(1987); 5 pp.
  • "Unnatural Mothers: Infantcide in Halifax, 1850-1875"; by Mar Ellen Wright; NSHR#7:2(1987); 18 pp.
  • "Remembering: Growing Up as a Sea Captain's Daughter"; by Beulah Gullison Perry; Beaver River and the turn of the 19th century; NSHR#7:2(1987); 14 pp.
  • "'By fortune wounded': Loyalist Women in Nova Scotia"; by Beatrice Ross Buszek; NSHR#7:2(1987); 18 pp.
  • "The Last Voyage [1735] of the Baltimore"; by Donald F. Chard; NSHR#7:2(1987); 8 pp.
  • "The Vieths of Niedergarden: A Tradition of Service"; by Terrence M. Punch; Genealogical material; NSHR#7:2(1987); 18 pp.
  • "Bibliography of the Writings of Phyllis Ruth Blakeley"; by Wendy Duff; NSHR#7:2(1987); 13 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #8, No. 1 (1988):
  • "The Acadia Power Company at Waverley, 1863-1886"; by John Hartlen; NSHR#8:1(1988); 12 pp.
  • "Father Vincent de Paul Merle: Unusual Trappist; Unlikely Missionary"; by Paulette M. Chiasson; NSHR#8:1(1988); 22 pp.
  • "The True Story of the Legenary Granny Ross"; by Elva E. Jackson; NSHR#8:1(1988); 21 pp.
  • "Origins of the Rawdon Loyalist Settlement"; by Carole W. Troxler; NSHR#8:1(1988); 14 pp.
  • "The Williams Lobster Factory at Neils Harbour, 1901-1935"; by Trevor Williams; NSHR#8:1(1988); 7 pp.
  • "The Charter Menbership of the Charitable Irish Society Re-examined"; by Robert P. Harvey; NSHR#8:1(1988); 11 pp.
  • "The Ross Family of Rossville, Inverness County"; by Elva E. Jackson; Genealogical material; NSHR#8:1(1988); 7 pp.
  • "The Solicitor-General Redivivus"; NSHR#8:1(1988); 3 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #8, No. 2 (1988):
  • "Paths to the Law in the Maritimes, 1810-1825: The Bliss Brothers and their circle"; by D. G. Bell; NSHR#8:2(1988); 34 pp.
  • "'He usefully exercised the medical profession': The Career of Michael Head in Eighteenth-Century Nova Scotia"; by Allan E. Marble; NSHR#8:2(1988); 17 pp.
  • "The Rise and Fall of Urban Justice in Halifax, 1815-86"; by Philip Girard; NSHR#8:2(1988); 15 pp.
  • "Epidemics and Mortality in Nova Scotia, 1749-99"; by Allan E. Marble; charts; NSHR#8:2(1988); 23 pp.
  • "The Error of Marriot Arbuthnot (Halifax, 1776)"; by Ernest A. Clarke; The American Revolution; NSHR#8:2(1988); 13 pp.
  • "Bucknam Pasha [1869-1915]"; by Ann Doull; The story of a Nlva Scotian boy who becomes an admiral in the Imperial Ottoman Navy; NSHR#8:2(1988); 5 pp.
  • "Canning in the seventies"; by Margaret E. Ells (Ms. Ells wrote under the pen name, "Inigo"); NSHR#8:2(1988); 12 pp.
  • "Aalders, of Aaldersville"; by Carol Duncan Evanz; Genealogical material; NSHR#8:2(1988); 11 pp.
  • "Richard John Uniacke's Advice to a Young Lawyer, 1797"; by D. G. Bell; NSHR#8:2(1988); 6 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #9, No. 1 (1989):
  • "Dr. John Halliburton [1739-1808]: The Loyal Sufferer"; by Brenton Haliburton; NSHR#9:1(1989); 11 pp.
  • "The 1793 Capitation Assessment [Poll Tax] Lists for Nova Scotia"; by B. L. Anderson; This makes for an interesting study of the occupations at the turn of the 18th century; NSHR#9:1(1989); 13 pp.
  • "Nova Scotia and the First Methodist Chapels in Mainland Canada;" by Eldon Hay; NSHR#9:1(1989); 11 pp.
  • "Colonists or Birds of Passage? A Glimpse of the Inhabitants of LaHave, 1632-1636"; by Joan Dawson; NSHR#9:1(1989); 20 pp.
  • "The Fishermen of Eighteenth-Century Cape Breton: Numbers and Origins"; by A. J. B. Johnson; NSHR#9:1(1989); 11 pp.
  • "Pirates Defeated"; by Marion Robertson; Shelburne; Genealogical material; NSHR#9:1(1989); 10 pp.
  • "A Seafaring Man: The Honourable Captain William B. Smith"; by Stephen Smith; Cape Sable Island and the journal of a seafaring captain, c.1863; NSHR#9:1(1989); 12 pp.
  • "The Descendants of Jasper and Elizabeth (Hanson) Harding"; by Eleanor Smith; Genealogical material; NSHR#9:1(1989); 25 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #9, No. 2 (1989):
  • "'Heritage Property Act': Ten Years Old"; by Brian Cuthbertson; NSHR#9:2(1989); 12 pp.
  • "Symbols of Change: The Legacy of Two Early Twentieth-Century Nova Scotia Builders"; by Peter Latta and Diane Tye; Building companies: Rhodes, Curry (Nelson A. Rhodes, b.1845; and Nathaniel A. Curry, b.1851, together with a list of their buildings, i.e., City Hall, Halifax) and (C. J.) Silliker Company; NSHR#9:2(1989); 17 pp.
  • "Nineteenth-Century Wealth Transfers in Nova Scotia: The Administration of Probate"; by Fazley K. Siddiq; Dr. Siddiq took his Que from an earlier article written, in 1982, by Alice Hanson of Washington University and president of the Economic History Society, wherein she concluded, from her study of Probate records, that "in 1774, American colonists were perhaps the wealthiest people in the world at that time ... the most literate ... and politically the most conscious." Dr. Siddiq does not attempt to come to any conclusions in his article, but rather "to explain the administration structure of the Probate Court in late nineteenth-century Nova Scotia ..."; NSHR#9:2(1989); 14 pp.
  • "That Incredible 'Tinan': Louis F. Babine, Professional Building Mover of Yarmouth County, 1898-1938"; by Peter Crowell; NSHR#9:2(1989); 25 pp.
  • "The Acadian Seigneury of St.-Mathieu at Cobequid"; by Joan Bourque Campbell; Very useful appendices, including: a list of the original seigneuries of Acadia (LaTour, Denys, d'Entremont, Martin, Des Goutins (Musquodoboit), De Tilly (Tatamagouche), etc. -- 20 in all; seigneurial terminology (for example, arpent [.85 acres], ligue [three miles]; the 1714 census of Cobequid (Truro); and "aboiteau (dike) terminology" (clapet = valve, dalle = sluice, etc.) NSHR#9:2(1989); 15 pp.
  • "St. Paul's Church, Halifax: The Contracts for Building the Addition and New Steeple, 1812-13"; by J. Philip McAleer; NSHR#9:2(1989); 18 pp.
  • "The Croscup Family of Karsdale, Annapolis County, and Their 'Painted Room'"; by Cora Greenway; Genealogical material; NSHR#9:2(1989); 18 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #10, No. 1 (1990):
  • "St. Paul's Church, Halifax: The Contracts for Building the Addition and New Steeple, 1812-13. Addenda et Corrigenda"; by J. Philip McAleer; NSHR#10:1(1990); 1 pp.
  • "The Smith-Nickerson House of Smithville, Shelburne County: Its occupants and 'Painted Floor'"; by Cora Greenaway; Genealogical material; NSHR#10:1(1990); 10 pp.
  • "Nova Scotian Entries from the Journal of Julius Friedrich Wasmus, Surgeon, 1781"; by Helga Doblin and Mary C. Lynn; American Revolution; NSHR#10:1(1990); 16 pp.
  • "John Umlach (ca 1726-1821): a 'Native of Scotland,' Soldier and Settler"; by Joyce Hemlow; Chester and genealogical material; NSHR#10:1(1990); 18 pp.
  • "The Squires of Antigonish"; by Ronald A. MacDonald; Justices of the Peace; NSHR#10:1(1990); 21 pp.
  • "The Bias of Probate: Using Deeds to Transfer Estates in Nineteenth-Century Nova Scotia"; by Phyllis Wagg. "The use of one source or set of documents to draw generalizations regarding the population in general, has the danger of replicating the bias of that source built into it. Anyone who has used probate records in family history and genealogical research, is aware of the fact that only a small proportion of the people who died in Nova Scotia in the nineteenth century had probated estates." [Your editor/compiler, might add, that this observation of Ms. Wagg's, equally as well, could have been made at any point throughout the twentieth century, right up to the present day.]; NSHR#10:1(1990); 14 pp.
  • "William Donkin, Northumbrian, and his Nova Scotia Descendants"; by Marian D. Oldershaw; Genealogical material; NSHR#10:1(1990); 33 pp.

    NSHR, Volume #10, No. 2 (1990):
  • "Beyond the Bastions: French Mapping of Cape Breton Island, 1713-1758"; by Joan Dawson; Louisbourg, St. Anns, St. Pierre, Niganiche (Ingonish), Isle Verdronne (Boularderie Island), Cheticamp, Justacorps (Port Hood), Nerichaque (Arichat), etc.; (NSHR#10:2(1990); 25 pp.
  • "Smallpox at Louisbourg, 1713-1758"; by George Burns; Diagrams; NSHR#10:2(1990); pp.
  • "The Men of the Garrison: Soldiers and their Punishments at Louisbourg, 1751-53"; by A. J. B. Johnson; Diagrams; NSHR#10:2(1990); 18 pp.
  • "French and Naval Power at the Two Sieges of Louisbourg: 1745 and 1758"; by Julian Gwyn; Ills.; NSHR#10:2(1990); 32 pp.
  • "The Expedition of the Second Battalion of the Cambis Regiment to Louisbourg, 1758"; by Michel Wyczynski; NSHR#10:2(1990); 16 pp.
  • "Cape Breton Maps in The Atlantic Neptune: A Holland-DeBarres Connection"; by Walter K. Morrison; NSHR#10:2(1990); 13 pp.
  • "Lawrence Kavanagh I: An Eighteenth-Century Cape Breton Entrepreneur"; by Phyllis Wagg; NSHR#10:2(1990); 9 pp.
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