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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 11, Medicine

FN1 Ch11 Over the generations, much more so than other races, Europeans were involved in worldwide commerce.

FN2 Ch11 Paul Johnson, The Birth of the Modern (New York: HarperCollins, 1991), p. 276.

FN3 Ch11 Chas. Bruce Fergusson in his introduction, The Diary of Simeon Perkins (1734-1812); Vol. 5 (1804-1812), edited with intro. by Fergusson, p. li. A few of these words we have looked up. "Camphor": A whitish translucent crystalline volatile substance, belonging chemically to the vegetable oils, and having a bitter aromatic taste and a strong characteristic smell. It comes from a tree indigenous to Java, Sumatra, Japan, etc. "Hyssop": A small bushy aromatic herb of the genus Hyssopus, a native of Southern Europe, formerly much used medicinally, especially in decoctions. "Opodeldoc": The name given in the works of Paracelsus (Swiss botanist: 1493-1541) to medical plasters of various kinds. Now applied to various kinds of soap liniment.

FN4 Ch11 Winthrop Pickard Bell, "A Halifax Boyhood of One Hundred and Twenty Years Ago," NSHS, #28, p. 126.

FN5 Ch11 "Cochineal": A dye-stuff consisting of the dried bodies of the insect Coccus cacti, which is found on several species of cactus in Mexico and elsewhere. It is used for making carmine, and as a brilliant scarlet dye; also in medicine as an antispasmodic, etc. (OED)

FN6 Ch11 "Jalap": A purgative drug obtained from the tuberous roots of Mexican climbing plant, exogonium Purga.

FN7 Ch11 See Dunlop's work, "Pharmacist and Entrepreneur -- Pictou's J.D.B. Fraser [1807-69]," NSHQ, Vol. #4:1. Note that gun-powder was produced at Waverley as of 1863. John Hartlen, "The Acadia Powder Company at Waverley," NSHR, #8:1.

FN8 Ch11 Oskar Sykora, "From a Trade to a Profession: The Beginnings of Dentistry in Atlantic Canada as Documented by Newspaper Advertisements," NSHR, #14:2, p. 103.


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