Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1796.

§Washington's Farewell Address. His three main points: "the baneful effects of the Spirit of Party"; the wisdom of keeping clear of foreign entanglements; and, for political stability, the necessity of religion and morality.
§The French conquer Italy, and Austria deserts Britain in her struggle against France.
§Governor Wentworth opens the assembly on 3 March; it prorogues and the assemblymen go home to their families and to their work, on the 11th of April.
§In March, Prince Edward observed that there was no packet that had come in to Halifax for the past six months, since November of 1795. One was expected in June, but it came in late, end of July.
§20 May: "McLarren's shallop arrives from Halifax. ... The news is the Admiral has arrived, & several prizes, 2 Americans with flour etc., and that a brign belonging to Brymer & Belcher is cast away near Chebucto Head, loaded with 1600 bbs flour & 20 tons of bread, the bread all lost, about 300 bbs of flour saved, though damaged. 220 bbs beef & pork also all lost." (Perkins.)
§6 Jun: "... A vessel arrived from Halifax reports that a Commodore is arrived at Halifax in a sixty gun ship, that Admiral Murray is to go home." (Perkins.)
§In July, Both Prince Edward and Julie travel to visit the posts at Windsor and Annapolis.
§July 22nd, 1796: 500 Maroons arrive in Halifax from Jamaica. Governor Wentworth employed the Maroons to work his farm in the Preston area and as servants at Government House. Prince Edward, as the commander of the garrison, takes the stronger of the men to work on the fortifications at Halifax.
§8 Aug: "... The general news by the papers appear to be much in favour of the French Republic. They have made a very advantageous peace with the King of Sardinia, and have a considerable force in the West Indies, and, according to appearances, the flames of war will spread still wider in Europe." (Perkins.)
§A boom is erected across the mouth of the Northwest Arm, from Chain Rock just where one had been secured in 1762.
§26 Aug: "... the Earl of Moira went into LaHave this morning. His Excellency & Lady are aboard, and we are in some expectation they will make a visit here." (Perkins.)
§Prince Edward observed that there was a French fleet off the coast of Nova Scotia. "As for us we keep ourselves constantly on the alert, lest they should honor us with a visit ..." It is to be noted that on September 5th, 1796, a French squadron raided ports in Newfoundland.
§14 Sept: "... News that Admiral Murray's Squadron has captured a French Frigate of 44 guns & carried her into Halifax." (Perkins.)
§12 Oct: "[Rumours a French fleet around Newfoundland] the merchants of Guernsey has sent an express to their concerns at Arichat." (Perkins.)
§"Oct'r 31st, 1796, a man convicted of forgery, was sentenced by the Supreme court to stand one hour in the pillory, and have one of his ears cut off." (Murdoch.)
§Merchants in Halifax are offering high prices for flax seed.
§The number of "fat cattle" driven to Halifax market during 1796 were 786.
§A general election refreshes Pitt's majority.
§Captain Cochrane's "lady and family came here in his ship the Thetis, in November, 1796." This was Thomas Cochrane, as Murdoch described him, "the celebrated Lord Cochrane and Earl of Dundonald."
§7 Dec: "... A scheme is afoot to cut a road through the Country to Cornwallis, etc. A subscription was shown to me ..." (Perkins.)
§December 17th, 1796, Thomas Chandler Haliburton born at Windsor.
§Among the Royal naval fleet which left Halifax in November of 1796, for a cruise, were the Resolution (74 guns), Assistance (50 guns), Andromeda (32 guns), Ceres (32 guns), Lynx (18 guns) and Hunter (18 guns).
§Due mainly to the price of flour and fuel, a hard winter is passed by most. Hartshorne and Tremain were the only two who had an "extensive manufacture" of flour in the province.

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