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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1682-84.

§La Salle reaches the mouth of the Mississippi.
§In 1682, a group of Quakers follow William Penn (1644-1718) across the Delaware River into the wilderness and thus began Pennsylvania. Penn, with an influential family, undertook the settlement hoping that he and his followers might live under a government amenable to their principles -- "Powers are as much Property as Soil."
§February, 1682: A grant for the shore fishery is made to a Huguenot, M. Bergier, a merchant of la Rochelle; and, to three of his partners in Paris, Gautier, Boucher and de Mantes, to their heirs and successors. A company was formed, The Company of Acadia. While the company had fishing rights they were still subject to the Royal governor, who at that time was Perrot.

§Colbert dies.
§September 6, 1683: Colbert's son, Marquis de Siegnelay succeeded his father and becomes Minister of marine and Colonies.
§"In 1683 the whole of Acadie contained only six hundred souls."

§The French governor of Acadia was Michel Leneuf de la Vallière. The governor was selling fishing licences to New England fishermen.
§A merchant from La Rochelle, one Bergier, is appointed by Louis XIV lieutenant for us in the government of the country and coasts of Acadia.
§May 11, 1684: Bergier's two ships, the St. Louis and the Marianne, set out for their Acadian cruise to chase New England fishermen, arriving back at France in the month of October.

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