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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1685-87.

§Louis XIV of France revokes the Edict of Nantes.
§February 6th, 1685: Charles the Second of England dies.
§Father Thury (1650-98) comes to Acadia from Quebec to establish missions among the Indians.

§There is but 30 soldiers at Port Royal, quartered on the inhabitants.
§In Cape Breton there were no European settlements. The last one, previous to this time was that established by
Denys and which was destroyed by fire in 1669. (Nicholas Denys, by this time, 1686, was living out the last of his years at Nipisiquit [Bathurst].).
§Meules, the Intendant at Canada, visits all of the Acadian settlements during the years 1685-6. (See NovaScotiaBk1/Part2/Ch02.)
§Michel Broudrot appointed the first judge in Acadia.
§Gabriel Gautier is granted a 20 year right to the fisheries at Cape Breton, Ile St. Jean (P.E.I.) and the Magdalens. He erects a small fort and fishing establishment at the head of Chedabucto Bay, on the site of the present day Guysborough.

§With the help of two French renegades, Radisson an Groseilliers, the infant Hudson's Bay Company, had by 1687 established posts near the mouth of Nelson River.

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