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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1624-26.

§Richelieu comes to the front and is sanctioned by the church and the king: political power shifts in France.
§The citizens of La Rochelle starve in the Calvinist and besieged city of La Rochelle.
§At Virginia, an official census is taken: a count of 1,275 persons; the largest settlements at Elizabeth (319) and at James City (182). Of the total population of 1,275 -- 22 were negroes.
§On the 16th of June, 1624, the royal charter giving certain merchants of England exclusive rights to Virginia and its operations, was "declared null and void, and the charter came to an end. Thus the colonial government passed from being a trading concern to a royal undertaking."
§In 1624, Sir William Alexander published a pamphlet entitled "An Encouragement to Colonies," in an effort to raise interest in his project to colonize "Nova Scotia."

§On March 25th, 1625, the Pope gave special dispensation for the English marriage of the sister of Louis XIII, Henrietta Maria (1609-69).
§On March 27th, 1625, James of England died.
§June 12th, 1625: Henrietta Maria, age 16 years, arrives to take up her duties as the wife to the Charles I of England.

§To cure favouritism, in October, 1626, at Virginia, "an order had to be made that ships were to come straight up to James City, and not break bulk or make sale of goods before there arriving, but to deliver up an invoice of their goods, then bring them ashore and not sell anything of for ten days, so that the whole colony should have notice of the same and send a representative to get supplies for the family." (Chatterton, p. 103.)
§In 1626, La Tour was dispossessed of his establishment at Penobscot by the English who came up from the Plymouth colony.

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