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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1621-23.

§September, 1621: James I grants Nova Scotia to Sir William Alexander of Menstrie, Earl of Stirling (1567- )
§"By 1621 Newfoundland had become a hopeful English colony, employing three hundred ships a year and ten thousand English seamen ... it was invested with pirates."
§By 1621 the Dutch were trading on the New England coast. While thought to be interlopers by the British, the Dutch figured they had a right to establish the New Netherlands; and they did; it centered on a river which they called Manhattan.

§In July of 1622, news is heard in England that the Indians, at Virginia, had "slain three hundred and forty-seven English, owing to the latter's supine negligence in living scattered among straggling houses." Still there was left "about twenty-five hundred colonists, one thousand cattle, as well as goats and swine."

Biencourt dies.

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