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Yellow Violet (Pubescens)

The yellow violet has leaves and yellow flowers on the same stalk. It is described as a softly hairy plant (the downy yellow violet). The flower (.75") has five yellow petals, the two lateral ones bearded, the three lower ones have dark purple veins. The leaves are two to five inches wide, heart-shaped, hairy and scalloped-toothed. Overall height of the plant, two to six inches. The yellow violet is not common to Nova Scotia, though it can be found in certain places. We saw it in great profusion along with the dog violet at Smileys provincial Park (in West Hants, on the Meander River), check along the margin between the camp sites and the river at the end of May where one will find these two violets (at least); also, I might add you should be able to see the nodding trillium and young jack-in-the pulpit (especially above the bridge along the flood plain).


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Peter Landry

2011 (2019)