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The Bakeapple (Rubus Chamaemorus)

The bakeapple is a small erect sub-shrub allied to the raspberry bearing one large white terminal flower, and a large well-flavoured orange-coloured fruit. It flowers in July. The solitary white flower has five petals and many pistils and stamens. Unlike its cousin, the blackberry which grow as rough prickly shrubs, the bakeapple is a small plant growing close to the ground with one to three leaves. It grows in acidic sphagnum bogs, barrens and meadows near the coast and on headlands. It is to be discovered in greater numbers along the eastern shore and in Cape Breton. A correspondent writes and advises: "The berry is also known as: Cloudberry (UK), molte (Norwegian), hjortron (Sweden), lakka (Finland), chicoutai (Innu, Montagnais) chicouté (Quebec)." It is to be found in Scotland, and I read (OED) where a sprig of the Cloudberry is the badge of the Highland clan MacFarlane.


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