Memoirs, Or Shadows Of What Has Been
By Peter Landry

Chapter Fifteen, Fredericton II, 1965
Pictures in Support (Pictures, Summer, 1965)

Dana In Car
OK, I'm Ready To Go To Nova Scotia To Visit Family
Dana Asleep In Car
This Driving In A Car Can Put A Person To Sleep
Louise Girls, 1965
Visited A Fort, On Route
Girls Looking At Cannon
This Is Where The bullets Come Out
Kara, Have A Wiener
What's This, A Wiener?
The Girls On A Bench
On A Visit to The Cousins, 1965
Dana In Lawn Chair
Dana, 1965
My Father Soothing Lisa, 1965
My Father Soothing Lisa, 1965
Aggie & Nancy, 1965
Peter's Mother (Aggie, 1905-94) & Sister (Nancy, 1937-75)
Peter & His Mother
Peter & His Mother, 1965
Louise's Father, & Peter, 1965
Louise's Father, & Peter, 1965
Louis, Dana, Lucille & Lottie, 1965
Louis, Dana, Lucille (Louis' Sister) & Lottie (Louis' Mother), 1965
Portrait of Lottie Theriault, 1965
Lottie Theriault, Louise's Paternal Grandmother, 1965
Portrait of Clarence Blinn, 1965
Clarence Blinn, Louise's Maternal Grandfather, 1965

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[Pictures, Christmas, 1965]

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