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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 13, The Establishment Of King's

FN1 Ch13 Miss Gene Morison, "The Brandy Election of 1830," NSHS, #30, p. 153.

FN2 Ch13 James S. MacDonald, "Richard Bulkeley," NSHS, #12, p. 73.

FN3 Ch13 John Quinpool, First Things in Acadia (Halifax: First Things Publishers, 1936), p. 101.

FN4 Ch13 Calendar Nova Scotia, 1802-1815, PANS, 1936; see Governor Wentworth's report under entry of October 23rd.

FN5 Ch13 Thomas Chandler Haliburton, History of Nova Scotia (Halifax: Joseph Howe, 1829), vol. 1, p. 280. In 1813, twenty thousand acres of land were granted to King's College at Windsor.

FN6 Ch13 Moorsom, Letters from Nova Scotia (London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830), p. 133.

FN7 Ch13 There was unnecessary proliferation in higher education in Nova Scotia, due to religious differences "with an Anglican university at Windsor, Roman Catholic at Antigonish, Presbyterian at Halifax, Baptist at Wolfville." (James Scotland, "Education in Old and New Scotland," NSHQ, Vol. 4:4, p. 370.) "In a country the combined resources of which would be required to maintain one efficient university each religious body has essayed to found its college, upon denominational principles." (Report of Sir John Harvey, October 18th, 1848, as found in "Report of the Boards of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1947," p. 22.)

FN8 Ch13 In 1828 a college was opened London, University of London. It threw its doors open to all academically qualified comers, whether he be a Dissenter, a Jew or a Utilitarian did not matter. "Religious opposition, and the jealousy of Oxford, Cambridge, and the medical associations, delayed the grant of power to give degrees." (Llewellyn Woodward, The Age of Reform: 1815-1870 (1938) (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2nd ed., 1962), p. 492.)

FN9 Ch13 John Leefe, "Kings and Dalhousie: An Early Attempt at University Consolidation in Nova Scotia [1825-30]," NSHQ, #2:1, p. 43 & p. 45.


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