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Captain W. Moorsom

The son of an admiral, Moorsom, as a military man (Sanhurst), came to Halifax in 1827 as a captain in the 52nd regiment. He married at Halifax, in 1831, the daughter of Judge Lewis Morris Wilkins and then returned to England. (DCB, vol. ix, p. 567.)

Moorsom's work, for which historians of Nova Scotia will forever be grateful, is his Letters from Nova Scotia. In it will be found a fold out map of N.S. The appendix at the back contains statistical tables in respect to exports & imports at the port of Halifax, population of various regions of N.S. (1827), religious denominations, meteorological observations and agriculture. The a perusal of the index will see that Moorsom's observations extended to matter, such as: about amusements in Halifax, Shubenacadie, currency, education, emigrants, fisheries, trade in grindstones, horses, country inns, liquor, maple sugar, moose hunting, mosquitoes, negroes, newspapers, politics, quarries, schooners, Scottish settlers, taxation, timber trade, etc.


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