Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings: 1754.
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Bk. 1, Pt. 5, Ch. 8. - "The Settlement of Lunenburg" (1753-4).
Bk. 1, Pt. 5, Ch. 9. - "The English Fortify Nova Scotia" (1749-54).

§France had only half the navy of England's, on the other hand France had ten times the number of men under arms; a superiority of numbers which would not be of much help to them in a war across a sea which was covered with British naval guns.
§In Nova Scotia, money is hard to come by and when found it was often a mix of coin with foreign heads and foreign inscriptions; but, it was metal coin and it traded. As for trading with the native population: one black fox skin was equal to one blanket or two lbs. of "spring beaver." One lb. of "spring beaver" would get a person two gallons of rum, or two and half gallons of molasses, or 14 lbs. of pork, or 30 lbs of flower.
§In 1754, we would have found Isaac Deschamps, afterwards the Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, working as clerk in Joshua Maugher's store at Pisiquid.

JUNE, 1754:
§June 10th: "Township of Lawrencetown granted to 20 proprietors." Lawrencetown is located about 10 miles east of Halifax.
§We see that New England vessels are coming up with trading goods for Louisbourg and Halifax and returning with "cord wood" much of it being picked up at Lunenburg at two shillings per cord.

JULY, 1754:
§July: The French are deep inland and connecting up their holdings through the Great lakes and down the Ohio and the Mississippi: from Quebec to Louisiana. A young Virginian by the name of George Washington is sent beyond the main ridge of the Alleghenies and engages the French in a spot not far from a place known as the Great Meadows, on which was thrown up a crude fort, Fort Necessity; it was this obscure skirmish which began the war that set the world on fire, The Seven Years War. Washington and his forces were decisively thrown out of the land which the French claimed for themselves.

AUGUST, 1754:
§August 15th: A new governor, Drucour arrives with his family at Louisbourg.

§September 17: Lawrence expresses concern that the Acadian produce is going to the French at Louisbourg.

OCTOBER, 1754:
§October 2: The first Chief Justice of Nova Scotia appointed, Jonathan Belcher.
§October 21st: Charles Lawrence is officially sworn in as lieutenant-governor, the official word having been received at Halifax on the week of October the 6th.

AUTUMN, 1754:
§Captain Alexander Murray reports from Fort Edward at Piziquid (Windsor) that "the local habitants had refused to bring in firewood and timber for fort repairs. It was determined that Abbe Daubin, their priest was behind this trouble. First summoned, and then arrested, Daubin and five Acadians are brought to Halifax under guard and sent back to Piziquid with orders to supply the required wood.

WINTER, 1754/55:
§Smallpox gets in among the population at Louisbourg and in the result unusually large numbers die.

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