Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1715-17.

§January 20, 1715: Nicholson is removed as Governor of Nova Scotia.
§September, 1715: Louis the XIV, le Roi Soleil, dies and his five year old great-grandson, Louis the XV takes the throne with The Duke of Orleans as regent.
§Jacobite rising in Scotland and put down in the Battle of Sheriffmuir on November, 1715.
§Indians at Cape Sable seize, in 1715, 27 New England fishing vessels for which the Massachusetts government eventually negotiated a release.

§Though ship wrecked on route, Father Dominique together with forty persons arrive at Port Dauphin (St. Ann's) on the 2nd of January, 1716.
§The French military engineer,
Verville comes out from France to inspect the Louisbourg site.
§October 28th - November 25th, 1716: "Father Dominique was sent to Port Royal to try to induce the Acadians there to move to Ile Royale, but he met with no success.
§Nov 16th, 1716: St Ovide temporally takes over the governorship of Isle Royal, while on the 23rd of November Governor Costebelle returns to France with his young wife; arriving at Belle-Isle on the 25th of December.

Couagne had been appointed as the resident assistant-engineer at Ile Royale. Isabeau, the French contractor comes out from France with Verville's plans and carries out an inspection of the Louisbourg site. Though a contract, one that was the subject of subsequent litigation, was not awarded to Isabeau until 1719, work on the fortifications of Louisbourg officially began on July 3rd, 1717.
§August 26th, 1717: Captain Thomas Smart, a British naval officer, in the frigate Squirrel sails from Massachusetts and after conferring with Governor St. Ovide, comes down to Canso where he "seized every French vessel and all French property he could find" and then sails back to Boston with his booty, arriving back there on October 4th.
§During August, 1717, Governor Costebelle embarks from La Rochelle to return to his post at Louisbourg but becomes ill on the voyage over; he makes Louisbourg by October and dies within days. He dies at some point between September 21st and October 10th.
§October 28th, 1717: Captain John Doucett (?-1726) arrives to take up his duties at Annapolis Royal as lieutenant-governor (replacing Thomas Caulfeild); no instructions; fort in very bad shape; guns and barracks out of repair; no bedding or "surgeon's chest"; men "in mutiny for their pay." Doucett estimates that there are 400 families at Minas and Chignecto."
§Mascarene's wife, Elizabeth gives birth, presumably back in Boston, to their first daughter, in 1717, Elizabeth.

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