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Thomas Caulfeild

Caulfeild, a British army officer, was with Nicholson, in 1710, when an overpowering English force captured Port Royal. The following year, Caulfeild was with Admiral Walker and General Hill in the disastrous expedition up the St. Lawrence. It was Hill who appointed Caulfeild, "a gentleman that has served very well" to be the deputy governor at Annapolis Royal (replacing Hobby), a place which needed "good order and discipline." Vetch continued to be the Governor of Nova Scotia and it was to Vetch that Caulfeild reported. Caulfeild, it would appear, continued on as second in command at Annapolis Royal until his death, at a young age, in 1717. As was the case for all the commanders at Annapolis Royal during the first forty years of British rule in Nova Scotia, Caulfeild "found himself hampered by a lack of direction from the British government. In addition, he went deeply into debt to procure needed provisions for the garrison, and bore this burden until his death." (DCB.)


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