Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1694-96.

§The Bank of England comes into being.
§January 15th, 1694: Governor Villebon dispatches his brother, Neuvillette over land to Quebec.
§April 8th, 1694: Baptiste and Bonaventure set sail at La Rochelle.
§May 16th, 1694: Neuvillette arrives back from Quebec.
§June, 1694: Des Groutins is ferrying supplies across to the St. John from Minas. Bonaventure arrives in his sailing vessel.
§July 2nd, 1694: Bonaventure together with Baptiste set sail for Placentia, Newfoundland.
§July 18th: Baptiste arrives back at the St. John with a prize.
§July 27, 1694: Villebon with Father Thury and with a united force of 230 natives attack a small English settlement at Oyster Pond (New Hampshire).
§July 28th, 1694: "M. Baptiste left for Minas, where he has a substantial credit to revictual for another raiding expedition."
§September 2nd, 1694: Baptiste returns to the St. John from Minas, his corvette runs aground.
§November 3rd, 1694: Baptiste "set out in his corvette with a crew of 45 men."

§There is a brisk illegal trade being carried on between Boston and Acadia.
§French Privateers swarm and cover the Sea like Locusts.
La Ronde, the privateer, is captured on the high sea and is taken as a prisoner to Boston.
§The Indians along the St. John are dying because of contagious disease.
§January 17th, 1695: Baptiste captures a vessel loaded with sugar and molasses from the Caribbean islands of Nevis and St. Christopher.
§January 29th, 1695: "M. Baptiste having put the corvette in a place of safety brought some of his crew up the river to his quarters so that he might feed them while waiting to refit."
§March 15th, 1695: "M. Baptiste's prize, laden with sugar, arrived after calling at Port Royal; it had been partly pillaged by the crew."
§March 17th, 1695: "M. Baptiste went away to get his corvette ready. The same day Abraham Boudrot, settler, arrived from Boston by way of Port Royal."
§April 21st, 1695: Baptiste sets out for a raid.
§May 10th, 1695: The Indian chief, Madokawando, comes to the St. John to settle.
§May 14th, 1695: Baptiste arrives at the St. John with another prize.
§May, 1695, Baptiste and his crew, being bottled up in Musquash Harbour by two English armed vessels desert their ship, takes to the shore, and flee.
§June, 1695: The Indians of Kennebec, Pentagoet, Meductic and Madazasia arrived on the St. John in anticipated offensive against the New England outposts: absent were the Micmac of Richibucto.
§July 8th, 1695: Monsieur Tibierge, an agent of the Acadia Trading Company, arrives on the St. John River to take up his duties.
§July 12th, 1695: Bonaventure is in the harbour at St. John fixing the battle damages to his vessel.
§July 22nd, 1695: Bonaventure was off and away to sea.
§August 1st, 1695: Bonaventure at Baie Verte.
§August, 1695: The Canadian privateer, François Guyon, is working Acadain waters.
§August 14th, 1695: Father St. Cosme (?) arrives on the St. John on his way through to his mission at Minas.
§August, 1695: We see that Villebon is sending for "thick planks ... on the pretext that I wish to build houses on the upper part of the river."
§October 1st, 1695: Villebon complains to Pontchartrain about the Damour brothers.

§February, 1696: Treachery at Fort William Henry: Chief Egeremet and two of his sons shot to death. Taxous, another chief, manages to escape.
§February 12th, 1696: Baptiste's Deux Frères, a sloop, is making runs from Minas in an effort to bring provisions (flour) to the French fort on the St. John River.
§"In April or May 1696 the vessell of the French privateer, François Guion (1666-c.1701) is captured by an English frigate; Guion is taken prisoner to Boston."
§May, 1696: Captain Wm. Kidd, a substantial citizen of New York, with influential backers, sets sail from New York, maybe with good intentions; but, by the time he reaches the Indian Ocean, he commits acts of privacy. His homeward bound trip took place between the years 1698-99; in 1699, he was arrested by the English authorities and transported back to England where he was tried as a pirate; in 1701, his sentence of death was carried out.
§June, 1696: A newly restructured Board of Trade is brought together to tackle the piles of unanswered mail packets.
§July 8th, 1696: The Indians, the Micmacs and the Maliseets, in a combined effort captured a long boat which the English had been using to get fire wood somewhere along the Atlantic coast. There was a falling out as to what should be done with the captured longboat, and, in the result, the Micmacs, set it on fire and withdrew to Chignectou.
§Father Florentin is the missionary to the Micmacs at Chignectou.
§July 14, 1696: A sea battle takes place between Envieux and the Profound, one commanded by
Iberville and the other by Bonaventure, and two British frigates [the Newport and the Sorlings] somewhere off the coast, handy the St. John. The forces were unequal and the British are beaten.
§July 15, 1696: Just a day after their battle with the English the French vessels enter St. John Harbour.
§August 2, 1696: Having discharged stores for Fort Nashwaak the Envieux and the Profound set sail for Pentagoet.
§August 7, 1696: The Envieux and the Profound arrive at Pentagoet.
§Fort William Henry falls to the French. The English officer in charge, Captain Chubb and his garrison, are sent to Boston. The fort is burnt to the ground.
§After their success at Fort William Henry, Iberville and Bonaventure, in the Envieux and the Profound, leave Acadian waters.
§September 20th, 1696: Beaubassin is invested by Benjamin Church. After doing his worse, Church and his men proceeded back down the bay on September 29th arriving on the same day at the mouth of the St. John; but plans to attack Fort Nashwaak 60 miles up the St John, went awry.

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