Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1691-93.

§October 7th, 1691: By a charter given by William and Mary the colonies known as Plymouth, Massachusetts, Maine and Nova Scotia were turned into one identity, The colony of Massachusetts.
§Mid-October 1691: Villebon, and Bonaventure arrive from Quebec on the St. Johns to set up the governor's new headquarters.
§As for the English, who thought by conquest that they owned Acadia, they appointed Col. Edward Tyng to be the English Governor of Acadia.
§During 1691 Mathieu Des Goudins granted seigneury at Musquodoboit.

§The witch trials at Salem, Massachusetts.
§From December, 1691, through to May 1692,
Baptiste, the Acadian privateer, had taken eight English ships off the coast of America.
§Port Royal has became a free port, during these times she was full of intrigue, with; both the French and the English coming and going; both learning the secrets of the other.
§February, 1692: The French and their native allies make winter attacks on the outlying New England settlements.
§An army of 30,000 French and rebellious Irish troops are quartered in Normandy readying themselves to cross the channel and invade England.
§Off the coast of France the Anglo-Dutch fleet engages the French fleet: the Battle of Barfleur ensues (La Hogue) and the French fleet is scattered. William's English throne is saved, and, from that moment on, France "ceased to exist as a great naval power; for though her fleet was soon recruited to its former strength, the confidence of her sailors was lost ..." (Green, vol. IX, p. 74.)
§November 29, 1692: Villebon comes up the coast from Mount Desert to winter at Beaubassin.
§Lieutenant Costebelle is posted to Placentia; he was shipped wrecked enroute.

§No entries.

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