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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1676-78.

§May, 7th, 1676: Michael Le Neuf sieur de La Vallière de Beaubassin (1640-1705, the elder) with his brother-in-law, Sieur Richard Denys, as second in command seize three English ketches from Boston that were taking on coal at Cape Breton: two of them were declared lawful prizes.
§October, 24th, 1676: Frontenac grants Beaubassin a large piece of land at the Isthmus of Chignecto which was to become known as the Beaubassin seigneury.
§The Dutch take up temporary lodgings at the fort at Penobscot. The English, getting wind that the Dutch were to north of them drove the Dutch out.

§A seminary priest from Quebec, Father Louis Petit took up his pastoral duties at Port Royal in 1677 (1676?) and continued in that position until 1694.
§Pierre de Joibert is named as administrator of Acadia, succeeding Chambly, with Jemseg his seat.

§Joibert dies during July of 1678 at Jemseg and Michael Leneuf de la Vallière de Beaubassin (the elder) is named as the commandant of Acadia replacing Pierre de Joybert.

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