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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1605-8.

§Spring, 1605: De Monts sails down the coast to as far as Cape Cod.
§June 15th, 1605: Pontgrave arrives at St. Croix.
§August, 1605: In a region which we now identify as Massachusetts, Europeans (French) have their first clash with the Indians.
§Fall, 1605: de Monts sails and after a 31 day voyage reaches France; he immediately sets about to shore up his company whose financial prospects were fading fast.

§The small French colony spends its second winter in the new world at Port Royal,
ordre de bon temps.
§Spring, 1606: Pontgrave and his men set out in a small boat to Canso with the intention of catching a seagoing sailing vessel returning to France
§May 11th, 1606: The Jonas sails late from La Rochelle. Aboard is Lescarbot. De Monts remains behind. For "two and half months" the Jonas was at sea.
§July 16th, 1606: Pontgrave leaves for Canso. But does not get far before he hurries back to Port Royal.
§July 28th, 1606 (Friday): The Jonas arrives at Port Royal.
§July 31st, 1606 (Monday): Pontgrave arrives back at Port Royal.
§August 28th, 1606: Poutrincourt and Pontgrave set sail and proceed down the American coast.
§November 14, 1606: The exploring Frenchmen return to Port Royal.

§1607: The first grist-mill is set up just up the Allain River, not far from present day Annapolis Royal.
§Three ships, under the command of Captain Newport, sail into Chesapeake Bay and estabish Jamestown the first permanent English colony in America.
§July, 1607: Lescarbot and Poutrincourt visit the site at Ste. Croix Island.
§August 11th, 1607: Poutrincourt sets out for Canso in a shallop.
§September 3rd, 1607: Poutrincourt and his group having arrived at Canso, leave for France.
§October 1st, 1607: Poutrincourt back at St. Malo.

§April 13th, 1608:
Champlain sets out for a third time to New France arriving at Tadoussac on the 3rd of June.
§July, 1608: Champlain having taken a number of French colonists with him up the St. Lawrence River, founds Quebec. The colony at Quebec was slow to develop, such that the colony, by 1620, only numbered 60 souls.

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