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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1600-4.

§Conditions in England as the 17th century enters: Locke and Bacon.
§The entire eastern coast of American consisted of three geographical districts: Acadia, Virginia and Florida.

§Ships of the East India Company, having set sail in 1601, arrive off the shores of Sumatra during June of 1602; by September the ships are back at England filled with "cinnamon, pepper and cloves."

§Captains Bartholomew Gosnold and Bartholomew Gilbert set sail for the Americas in the Concord and Dartmouth. They visit Martha's Vineyard.
§Sebastiÿn Vezcaíno, a Spaniard, sails the Pacific ocean, and up the coast of present day California.

§This year, 1603, marks the death of Queen Elizabeth and the end of the period brilliant Tudor period, a period during which England emerged as a world power.
§March 20th, 1603: The English captain, Martin Pring, sets the sails of the Discovery and the Speedwell and during the summer explore the Long Island Sound area. By October these small sailing vessels were back at their home port, Bristol.
§September, 1603: The 17 wretched survivors of the de la Roche's 1598 abortive expedition are taken off Sable Island and returned to France where they gain an audience with the king and proceed to tell him of their five years on that barren island of sand off the coast of Nova Scotia, Sable Island.
§December 18th, 1603, royal letters patent is received by
Monsieur de Monts.

§February 8th, 1604: De Monts forms a fur trading company.
§March 7th, 1604: De Monts sails from Havre-de-Grâce (Le Havre).
§May 6th, 1604: De Monts arrives at Le Port du Rossignol.
§May 19th, 1604: Champlain sets off from Port Mouton in a long boat with a small crew, leaving de Monts and the larger vessel behind; his instructions are to find a temporary winter quarters for the expedition. Having gone as far as the future site of Port Royal, Champlain returns within three weeks time to Port Mouton.
§June 24th, 1604: de Monts arrives at the mouth of the St. John.
§August 31st, 1604: Poutrincourt sails for France leaving de Monts, Champlain and their men (79 in total) to spend the winter at St. Croix.

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