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The Uniacke Family, Part 5 to the Life & Works of
Richard John Uniacke

On May 3rd, 1775, Uniacke married Martha Maria Bonner DelesDernier (1762-1803). He married a second time in 1808 to Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Phillips Newton. To Martha a number of children were born: Norman, Crofton, Mary, Martha, Alicia, Richard John, Elizabeth, Ann Margaret, Robert Fitzgerald, Eleanor, James Boyle. He had a son by Elizabeth, Andrew.14

I have dealt with the boys, to the extent I have been able to do so, at another place. Here I write of the girls.

"The oldest daughter, Mary, also married into the military, becoming wife to the Commander in Chief of the Royal Naval Fleet in Halifax, and gained the title of Lady Mary Mitchell. She was married in a triple ceremony with her sister and brother on their parent’s 30th wedding anniversary [though Martha Maria had been dead by two years]. Mary was widowed early in her marriage when she was pregnant with their first child. She and her daughter Maria, returned to live at Uniacke House in 1825."15

We might add that the third marriage in this "triple ceremony" was the marriage between Crofton Uniacke and Dorothea Fawson. Alicia [Robert Field's portrait of her is to the right, it still hangs at Mount Uniacke] married a man from Scotland and moved there. Eleanor Rebecca married a military man and lived out most of her life on the Greek island of Corfu.
Anne Margaret, married a captain with a British Rifle Regiment, and spent the rest of her life in Ireland.



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