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Captain Patrick Sutherland
(b. d. unknown).

All I knew of Sutherland was that he had come over with "The Gibraltar troops" on April 21st, 1746. I then heard from one of his descendants who added that he was "the same officer as served in Georgia under Oglethorpe and was adjutant in his regiment 24 Sept 1740; 12 May 1741 he was promoted to Lieutenant, 30 July 1745 to Captain Lt." As for "The Gibraltar troops": they had come to replace the New England men who were holding Louisbourg since its capture from the French in 1745. As far as I can see Sutherland was to spend the rest of his life in Nova Scotia. He came to Halifax with the transfer of the Louisbourg garrison in July of 1749. In 1752 he was stationed at Piziquid. In 1753, he went to set up Lunenburg and was for the first three months second in command to Lawrence. When Lawrence returned to Halifax in September of 1753, Sutherland was to take over the command at Lunenburg and was to remain in charge there, except for a short time when he joined Amherst at Louisbourg in 1758, for nine or ten years. After Louisbourg fell and was secured by the English, Sutherland returned to his post at Lunenburg. In 1761, upon the specific recommendation of Amherst, and though he was to continue to remain in Nova Scotia, Sutherland was promoted to major in the 77th Regiment of Foot. In 1762, he was with the military forces that recaptured St. John's; he returned to Halifax that fall. And, that is about all we now know of Sutherland. From the pay lists, it is guessed that he died either in 1767 or 1768.


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