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Benjamin Green

Benjamin Green was born at Danvers, Massachusetts, the youngest son of Rev. Joseph Green (Harvard grad, 1695) and Elizabeth Gerrish (Joseph Gerrish's daughter).

Thomas Beamish Akins was to write of Benjamin Green:

"He was brought up as a merchant under his elder brother, Joseph, in Boston. In November, 1737, he married the daughter of the Hon. Joseph Pierce, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He accompanied General Pepperrell to Louisbourg in 1745, as secretary to the expedition, and after the capture of that place by the provincial army, remained there as government secretary and manager of the finances, until Cape Breton was restored to the French, when he removed with his family to Halifax, and was appointed one of Governor Cornwallis' Council. He was afterwards treasurer of the province and for the first 15 years of the settlement occupied several other prominent offices."1
Green draws our interest because he was sitting on Council when the fateful decision was made under the leadership of Governor Lawrence to deport the Acadians in the year 1755.


[1] "The First Council" NSHS#2 (1879-80) p. 28. He was: Secretary to Council at Halifax from 1750 to 1772; treasurer at Halifax, 1750-68; Judge of the Admiralty Court at Halifax, 1750-6. ("Biographical Directory" as contained in The Royal Navy and North America (London: Navy Records Society, Vol. 118, 1973) at p.430.


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