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The Blinns Of St Mary's Bay.

Certain members of the Blinn family can trace their roots back to the French families that arrived in southwest Nova Scotia during the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. We start, as will be seen, with Etienne Blinn (b. 1794) who was born in Marshalltown. Marshalltown is located on the isthmus of land between Digby and the head of Saint Mary's Bay. According to the Acadian Historical Society of West Pubnico (Bulletin vol. III, no. 3 [Sept. 1985]) Etienne was the son of Julien Blin who had been in the French navy and was part of the naval forces which France had sent, in the 1780s, to help the United States in their revolutionary struggle against Great Breton. Julien, a twenty year old, was "a master cooper" aboard one of these French men of war. With the end of the American Revolution, Julien, having apparently electing not to go back to France, remained in America. By 1783 he was located in Philadelphia and arrived at Boston shortly thereafter. In 1787 he was located on the shores of Saint Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia, where a number of his descendants can be found, yet today. In 1787, our young hero married a French girl, Fran├žoise Thibeau. Fran├žoise was the daughter of Yves Thibeau of Boston who had been part of the grand dispersal of 1755.

  • Laurens Blin (b.1663~1717) m. Jeanne Morin (b.1660) on 22 Feb 1685 in Normandy, France.

  • Denis Blin (b.1693-1752) Son of Laurens & Jeanne; m. Marie Le Hodeye on 01 Feb 1717 in Normandie, France.

  • Julien Blin (b.1731-1789) Son of Denis & Marie; m. Renee Julienne Josselin on 03 Feb 1751 in Normandie, France.

  • Julien Blinn (b.1759-1843) Son of Julien & Renee; m. Francoise Thibault. While born in France, this Julien died in Plympton, Nova Scotia.

  • Etienne Blinn (b.1794-1871) Son of Julien & Francoise; Etienne was born in Marshalltown, Digby, Nova Scotia; m. Scholastique Boudreau. The Children of Etienne & Scholastique were, as follows:
    > Pierre Jovite (1820-1874)
    > Alexandre Julien (b.1822)
    > Marie Suzanne (b.1824)
    > Etienne Lucien (b.1827)
    > Marguerite (b.1829)
    > Marthe Marie Magdeleine (b.1831)
    > Luc Avite (b.1835)
    > Jeanne Elizabeth (b.1840)

  • Alexandre Julien Blinn (1822-1863), m. Rosalie Paule Beliveau (1825-1899), Alexandre died at Corberrie, Nova Scotia. Born, 1822, at Corberrie & Married, Rosalie Belliveau (1832-1899). The Children of Etienne & Scholastique were, as follows:
    > Joseph (b.1848)
    > Johnnie (1850-1919)
    > Ambroise (1852-1939)
    > Alexandre (1854-1928)
    > Catherine (b.1855)
    > Marie Elizabeth (b.1857-1876)
    > Charles (1858-1952)
    > Rose (1860-1931)

  • Charles Augustin Blinn (1858 @Corberrie, d.-1952); m. (1st) in 1888 at Tacoma, Washington, Eulalia Emeraldine Burger (1873-1895) dghtr of Herman Henry Burger and Rozinia Sabra Ward of Humbolt, California. Eulalia d. @ at Providence Rhode Island. Charles m. (2nd) in 1898 Paule Anne Lombard (1868-1939) b. & d. @ Corberrie.) Charles' tomb stone was located at the Corberrie Catholic Cemetery. Charles & Paule Anne Lombard had 6 children: Edward, Josephine, Emmilien, Aleide, Rose & Ceciella.

  • Julien Blinn, son Charles & Eulalia (b. 1889 at Tacoma, Washington - d. 1916 in the State of Maine). Julien m. Mary H.J. Anby on 21 Apr 1914.

  • Clarence Pierre Blinn, son Charles & Eulalia (1892-~1972). Clarence was born at Digby County (Corberrie/Ohio?); m. at Church Point, 1911, Marie Celeste Comeau (1890-1957) of Belleveau's Cove. Clarence died at Digby County. Clarence's Children were, as follows: Vincent (b.1911), Albert (b.1913), Bruno (b.1915), André (b.1917), Elizabeth (b.1919). Elizabeth m. Louis Theriault


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