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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

May 31st, 1998.

"The Wildflowers."

"These children of the meadows, born Of sunshine and of showers."
-- Whittier.

We may call them weeds simply because they are all around and not cared for by anyone; but wild flowers are as beautiful as any other: just take time out, get on your knees and look deeply; there you will find the most beautiful creations in all of nature and cared for by only her, undisturbed by the corrupting hand of man.

"Yellowed japanned buttercups and star-disked dandelions, - just as we see them lying in the grass, like sparks that have leaped from the kindling sum of summer; the profuse daisy-like flower which whitens the fields, to the great disgust of liberal shepherds, yet seems fair to loving eyes, with its button-like mound of gold set round with milk-white rays." (Oliver Wendell Holmes.)

Now is the time to look at wildflowers, out in the wild or simply in and around your neighborhood; but, if you like, for a temporary fix, see blupete's page on wildflowers.

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Peter Landry

May, 1998 (2019)