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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

June 10th, 2001. Index Button

"The Way Of The World."

"To a chemist nothing on earth is unclean."
(Anton Chekhov, 1860-1904.)

"... the principle [the Conservation of Energy] asserts that no power can make its appearance in Nature without an equivalent expenditure of some other power. ... Light runs into heat; magnetism into mechanical force; and mechanical force again into light and heat. ... [there is] no creation but infinite conversion."
(John Tyndall, Fragments.)

"... meat can only be found for such a multitude of mouths by giving everything as meat in due season to something else. This is like the Kilkenny cats, or robbing Peter to pay Paul; but it is the way of the world, and as every animal must contribute in kind to the picnic of the universe, one does not see what better arrangement could be made than the providing each race with a hereditary fallacy, which shall in the end get it into a scrape, but which shall generally stand the wear and tear of life for some time."
(Samuel Butler's essay, "Ramblings In Cheapside.")

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Peter Landry

June, 2001 (2019)