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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

June 13th, 1999.

"The Last Defence Against Tyranny."

A question that should be of interest to us all, is, what is "the last defence against tyranny"? I am reminded of the adage one will come across in the study of history, "Cannon is the last argument of kings."

History -- a subject which, it is to be regretted, seemingly is ignored by our politicians -- will show that tyrants are usually dealt with by revolution; the oppressed eventually, but ultimately, with leaders coming forward, will use their arms, do battle, and dispose of the tyrants that come into their midst. I hasten to point out, and it must always be remembered, that there is a distinction to be made between a revolution and an insurrection; between a tyrant and one who exercises legitimate power.

No matter that we have a perfect government in place, or not; it behooves us to be forever vigilant so to spot an act which will allow now or in the future a person or group of persons to commit acts of tyranny over others. It is my view (a view which comes from the teachings of John Locke) that ultimate power must be left at the level of the people and government has no right to leave them without the ability and the capacity to ultimately deal with tyrants in a manner that only tyrants can understand. The last argument of the people should be no less convincing then the last argument of kings.

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Peter Landry

June, 1999 (2019)