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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

January 3rd, 1999.

"On Resolution"

We all come through the years agitated at times with doubts, fears and contrary determinations. The end of one year and the start of another is a traditional point in time at which, in respect to some particular aspect of life, some quietly to themselves others loudly to the world, make a resolution. But what resolution is it to be?

We should hope that it is not a resolution to acquire more material things; but, laudatory, such as being charitable or just, to one's fellow man. Such a resolution, however, is never universally or fully achievable: this, because such objectives conflict with one and other. We deceive ourselves as to their attainability and try our best (maybe the only true and achievable resolution) to reach them, anyway. Worthwhile objectives, however, are but beacons on the horizon and move along with it.

The best resolution is to recognize and identify the important beacons on the horizons of our lives; to examine our beliefs to see if such beliefs, as compasses in our lives, will keep us directed to the midpoint between those beacons which we have chosen. Such an examination will require one to determine how he or she has come by these beliefs. And, where they are adopted beliefs (most are), to test each one for ourselves. This process is essentially one of learning and growing, of submitting our expectations to the test of experience; and being always ready to make adjustments where such adjustments are called for. This is the feedback process as was so ably described by Sir Karl Popper.

In the final analysis, the best resolution for us all to make and to put into continuous action with determination, firmness and steadiness of purpose, and with unyielding temper, is to control and correct our speculations.

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Peter Landry

January, 1999 (2019)