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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

April 8th, 2001. Index Button

"We get e-mail"

Just got back from a couple of weeks in the sun (something which Margo and I badly needed, given the torturous winter we have had here on the east coast of Canada). I found close on to 300 e-mails waiting for my return. I reduced that by one half, rather quickly by deleting the spam (it's getting pretty bad). The rest of my e-mails, I read. I try to answer most all of those who write with the exception of the inane and those where there is a bald request for me to do research (usually from students, who, likely, would have a hard time spelling the word, library).

Here is an example (not of the inane variety):

Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 08:59:04 -0500
I really enjoyed your website it was easy to read and find the information I was needing. I do need some other info for a research paper maybe you could help?
Are you also the publisher and the Webmaster? Do you maintain your own web page? What criteria do you use when choosing material for your page?
When did you first produce this page and when was it last updated? Thanks for your help,
P.S. I think you may have made a slight error in your bio on Darwin. I believe that it was John Stevens Henslow who found Darwin his place on the HMS Beagle and not Adam Sedgwick.

Let me answer the questions in this commentary. This web page, is the sole creation of its author: it first appeared in November of 1997. I pay all the bills (not too bad; its more an investment of time); and, having mastered the mysteries of HTML code, I create the pages and maintain them. I am, to answer the question specifically, the webmaster; though, I hasten to add, my partner in life, Margo, is of invaluable help and is responsible for the design and the graphics. I maintain my site on a daily basis: it has become one of my passions. The criteria used when choosing material for my pages is to simply deal with that which interests me: I have no bounds except that of the law: I am an autocrat. I am forever in the pursuit of truth and try not to be in error. Which brings me to Amie's post scriptum. Constructive criticism is, "the muse's handmaid." So, any e-mail which brings to my attention a suspected error, is, to me, the most valuable e-mail of them all. In the case of Amie's note: after further researching the point, I determined she was quite correct; and, accordingly, made some adjustments to my page on Darwin.

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Peter Landry

April, 2001 (2019)