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Blupete's Weekly Commentary

March 7th, 1999.


Though we only seem to hear of only two positions, there are, in regards to abortions, it seems to me, three positions: First, (a position supported by a great number of church going voters) that any citizen involved in an abortion, in anyway, is to be treated as a criminal; Second, that being involved in an abortion is a matter of choice, one of numerous choices that all citizens have in a free society; And, Third, (a position that would not be articulated by many) that women in certain defined circumstances be forced by law to have an abortion.

One must understand that the abortion question, of course, does not boil down to simply a matter of choice for the mother: a murderer, too, after all, may choose to murder another and we all quite rightly consider murder to be a crime. However, one has to consider that there is a vast difference between a zygote and a new born baby; and as much of a difference between an embryo and a fetus as there is, for example, between a fish in the sea and a monkey. Other questions arise; ones that are impossible to answer. For example, what is it that is more important? - The potentiality of a certain number of embryos, - or the inability, in the future, of the human race to regenerate itself, due to environmental poisoning which is surely coming about because there are too many human beings.

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Peter Landry

March, 1999 (2019).